Should You Use a Windscreen Scratch Remover?

Should You Use a Windscreen Scratch Remover | Instant Windscreens
Should You Use a Windscreen Scratch Remover?

The windscreen of your car is exposed to a lot every single time you are out driving, and like any large glass surface, scratches are almost unavoidable. From simple flying debris, to using old and worn windscreen wipers, and even just cleaning the windscreen yourself, all of these can scratch your windscreen. Sometimes imperceptibly, and sometimes a very noticeable scratch that catches your eye every time you use your car.

Scratches aren’t always nothing more than a cosmetic blemish. One or more scratches in your line of vision can make driving more hazardous, interfering with your ability to see the road clearly. And a deep scratch, left untreated, can eventually turn into a crack.

There are a number of products on the market promoted as DIY windscreen scratch remover kits, along with a few home remedies to be found on the internet, but should you use any of these?

When to Use a Windscreen Scratch Remover

The only time you should consider using a store-bought windscreen scratch remover is for minor, shallow scratches that are not in the driver’s line-of-sight. In such instances you would use a specially formulated clear acrylic liquid, which you apply to the scratch to “fill” it in, and then rub over the scratch very slowly with a wet, microfibre cloth, or very fine grit sandpaper to superficially polish the scratch. If using sandpaper, avoid broad strokes and focus only on the scratch so you don’t inadvertently damage any other parts of the windscreen. We don’t recommend home-made solutions such as toothpaste, or toothpaste mixed with bi-carb soda; both of these are abrasive and could end up damaging the windscreen significantly, even with a lot of polishing. You might get rid of the scratch but end up with a murky spot on the windscreen that is much more noticeable than the scratch.

When to Get Professional Help

Deep scratches should always be assessed by a professional, such as our team at Instant Windscreens. Run a finger over the scratches slowly, and if any of the scratches catches on a fingernail, this should be treated by professionals. Additionally, any scratches, regardless of size or depth, that affect the driver’s line-of-sight, should only be handled by a professional. As autoglass specialists, we have professional grade equipment and materials that can safely remove many types of scratches, backed by training that ensures the result never interferes with the glass structure, or your vision. However, there are times where our assessment will show that the scratches cannot be removed safely, and we will recommend replacement instead. Another benefit of having a professional look at the scratches on your windscreen is that we can also try to determine the cause of the scratches: are they caused by environmental factors, or are they caused by your wipers or cleaning methods. And if they are caused by your wipers, we can also help replace these for you, ensuring you aren’t exposed to any new scratches soon.

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