How Does Windscreen Chip Repair Work?

How Does Windscreen Chip Repair Work | Instant Windscreens
How Does Windscreen Chip Repair Work?

You are at risk of ending up with a chipped windscreen every time you drive your car. It’s one of life’s little annoyances and it’s unavoidable no matter how carefully you drive. A common cause of windscreen chips is a stone or other debris on the road being kicked up by other cars. Most times the object is so small you don’t even notice it until it hits your windscreen, but no matter how small it is, it is the force with which it hits that results in a chip.

Fortunately, depending on the size, shape, and depth of the chip, most can be repaired quite affordably and safely, without the need for replacing the windscreen itself. But you may wonder how windscreen chip repair works, and whether it is a long-term solution?

How a Windscreen Chip Is Repaired

The first thing an autoglass specialist will do when you take your car in for a windscreen chip repair is examine the chip to make sure it is one that can be safely repaired. Modern windscreens consist of two layers of glass with a thin layer of plastic or vinyl laminated between them. Chips that are two deep and have either penetrated the laminate, or caused the laminate to start separating from the glass cannot be repaired. The same applies to chips in the critical vision area, or if there are signs of multiple past repairs to the windscreen.

If the autoglass specialist has determined that it is safe to repair the chip they will first clean the area, checking for loose glass and dirt. Then, using a special device that helps create a vacuum, resin is injected into the chip. Creating a vacuum over the chip helps ensure the resin fills all parts of the chip without trapping air bubbles that could make the repair less effective. A UV light or hardening treatment is then applied to cure the resin, before the area is cleaned and polished. Done professionally, a windscreen chip repair can extend the life of your windscreen for many years.

Can’t I Use a DIY Windscreen Repair Kit?

Kits that allow you to repair a windscreen chip or crack are easy to find, and they appeal to people because of the convenience of being able to do the repair at home, in your own time. While DIY kits can be quite effective on some types of chips, they lack the ability to easily create a vacuum over the chip or crack, often expecting you to push and pull on the applicator plunger to eliminate air pockets. If you don’t get this right, you’re going to end up with a repair that is very noticeable, and not very effective in the long-term. An autoglass specialist, such as Instant Windscreens, not only has the skill and equipment to prevent this, but also include a lifetime guarantee on windscreen repairs, so if the repair does fail, you’re still covered.

Give us a call on 132 444 to schedule an appointment to have any chips and cracks in your windscreen repaired professionally and safely. We have branches and technicians countrywide, and we can even come to you to carry out the repair work, saving you time.

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