Why Window Tinting is Superior to Window Coverings

Why Window Tinting is Superior to Window Coverings | Instant Windscreens
Why Window Tinting is Superior to Window Coverings

Window treatments in your home are somewhat of a personal choice, with some people preferring curtains or blinds over window tinting primarily for decorative flair. But window tinting can be superior to traditional window coverings in many ways and should be your first choice for your home windows.

Cleaner and Maintenance Free

Curtains and blinds are both dust traps; you’re not only having to contend with the curtains and blinds becoming dirtier and dustier over time, but also with the dirt and dust they trap in the window space. They can be cleaned, but it is rarely a simple task. Window tints don’t require any cleaning over and above normal window cleaning. Additionally, curtains and some blinds can tear, and the cords and controls used to open and close blinds can break, something you never have to worry about with window tinting, which can last 10 or more years and look great the whole time.

More Cost-Effective

Depending on the type of window tint you choose, tinting the windows of your home can be much more cost-effective than curtains or blinds, especially long-term. As noted earlier, blinds and curtains need to be cleaned regularly, and are prone to being damaged or fading over time, necessitating repairs or costlier replacements. And even though residential window tinting is better when installed by professionals, it can be done in less time than it takes to have blinds installed. And unlike blinds and curtains, there’s no need for costly customisations resulting from non-standard window dimensions; window tints can easily be applied to any glass regardless of the shape or size.

Make Your Home Brighter & More Energy Efficient

Curtains and blinds, like window tinting, can block solar heat and UV rays, but that are not as good at doing this as window tints. Additionally, curtains and blinds only block solar heat and UV rays when they are closed, and keeping them closed throughout the day will make your home darker. Because window tinting still allows natural light through, your home is bright and feels more spacious throughout the day, while still protecting you and your furniture from the harmful effects of UV rays, and reducing your reliance on your air-conditioner to keep the house cool.

Privacy Without Spoiling the View

Many modern homes feature large expanses of glass that help brighten the home, and make it feel more open. But this comes at the expense of privacy, and without window tinting, the only way you can still maintain some privacy is by closing the blinds or curtains. This limits natural light, but also robs you of any views you enjoy from your home. Window tints can be chosen specifically to block anyone from seeing into your home without reducing natural light from entering, and without blocking your view.

More Versatile

You could have specific reasons why you might sometimes need to block out natural light during the day, but the versatility of window tinting means you can choose to combine window tints with curtains or blinds in certain areas of your home. This would allow you to get all the benefits of window tinting when you need it, such as privacy and blocking UV rays and solar heat, while still being able to block out natural light on those few occasions you might need to.

At Instant Windscreens we offer a variety of home window tinting solutions to suit any need, with free onsite measuring and quoting to make it easier for you to see how tinting is superior to other window coverings.

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