Why Windscreen Chip Repair Doesn’t Always Work

Why Windscreen Chip Repair Doesnt Always Work | Instant Windscreens
Why Windscreen Chip Repair Doesn’t Always Work

If you’ve ever had chips or small cracks on your windscreen repaired, only to have to replace the whole windscreen later because the repairs didn’t work, you might be reluctant to have any windscreen repairs carried out again. But like any repair work, there are good reasons for why windscreen chip repairs don’t always work, but this isn’t reason enough to simply ignore chips and cracks in your windscreen. Using a professional auto glass repair company to carry out any repairs immediately reduces the risk of chip repairs not taking, but even then, you should be aware of some situations when repairs should not be carried out.

Severe or Complex Windscreen Damage

A properly trained and qualified auto glass technician will know that some windscreen chips and cracks cannot be repaired, instead requiring the windscreen to be replaced. This is usually because there are too any chips and cracks – they don’t only consider those that need to be repaired now, but also any that have previously been repaired – some of the chips or cracks are in the critical vision area (CVA), or one or more of the chips are too big, too deep, or too complex. The latter is usually true for bullseye, crater, and star type chips or cracks. A professional auto glass repair company will tell you if any chip or crack can’t be repaired, and if there are any where a repair is possible but might not actually work, they will also discuss this with you. If any moisture or dirt has become trapped in a bullseye, crater, or star chip, it won’t always be noticeable, but can cause any repair work to fail. The risk should be discussed with you, allowing you to decide whether to proceed with a repair or opt for a replacement.

Local Weather Conditions

A reliable auto glass repair company will have a dedicated workspace for carrying out repairs that prevent inclement weather conditions from influencing the success of the repair. Windscreen chips and cracks are repaired by injecting a special resin into the damaged area, and as it cures it bonds with the damaged glass, strengthening it and preventing the damage from spreading. The curing process is quite fast, so you don’t need to wait hours before you can drive again, but low temperatures and too much moisture in the air can affect the curing process. This shouldn’t be a problem with on-premise repairs, but if using a mobile auto glass repair service, a professional technician should be able to tell when the weather conditions are too poor to attempt any repairs and inform you.

A Dirty Windscreen

Windscreen chips and cracks need to be completely clean and dry in order for the resin to properly cure, and a professional auto glass repair technician will first clean and dry the windscreen thoroughly before attempting any repairs. Don’t hesitate to call them out on this if you see them about to apply the resin without cleaning the glass first. However, as noted earlier, there is always a risk of dirt or moisture not visible to the eye being present, though expert technicians know when the risk of this is high and should be able to warn you that the repair might not be successful.

Never hesitate to get professional advice on any windscreen chips or cracks you’re driving around with. Only a professional auto glass repairer will be able to reliably tell you whether they can be safely repaired – with a high possibility of success – or if the windscreen needs to be replaced. And when you are told the windscreen needs to be replaced, you can also trust that this is always because the damage is too excessive or too complex to be safely repaired.

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