Why Mobile Car Window Repair & Windscreen Replacement Is Not Always the Best Option

Why Mobile Car Window Repair & Windscreen Replacement Is Not Always the Best Option | Instant Windscreens
Why Mobile Car Window Repair & Windscreen Replacement Is Not Always the Best Option

Mobile windscreen repairs and replacement services are incredibly convenient for busy people and in cases of emergencies. Unfortunately, there are times when using a mobile auto glass repair service is not the best option and you need to actually take your car to an auto glass fitment centre. Which is why it is better to choose a company that offers both services, so your auto glass needs are always taken care of with the same professionalism and service guarantee. So, when is mobile car window repair and windscreen replacement not the best option for you?

When the Weather Is Lousy

Both windscreen chip and crack repairs, and windscreen replacements involve the use of compounds that need a short amount of time to dry and cure, and rain and cold weather can interfere with this process. If your car is parked in a garage or under solid cover, mobile repairs or replacement might still be possible, but if there is no way for your car to be shielded against the rain or low temperatures, taking it in to an auto glass fitting centre is recommended. All Instant Windscreen branches have enclosed spaces allowing our technicians to repair and replace windscreens and other auto glass regardless of the weather.

When ADAS Is Involved

Most modern vehicles use some form of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to improve road safety. But since certain ADAS components are mounted in or around the windscreen, recalibration of the system is necessary after having your windscreen replaced to ensure all the systems work as they are meant to. Highly specialised equipment is needed for ADAS calibration, so it is not possible for a mobile windscreen replacement service to also take care of this. If your vehicle has any form of ADAS installed, it is always advisable to visit an auto glass fitting centre that also offers ADAS recalibration when you need to replace your windscreen. That way your windscreen can be professionally replaced and the ADAS recalibrated in a single visit. There is some good news for those that love the convenience of mobile auto glass repairs; the mobile repair of chips and cracks in your windscreen, along with the replacement of other auto glass is still possible, even on vehicles with ADAS.

A key benefit of mobile auto glass repair and replacement is that it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it an ideal solution for emergencies where your windscreen is severely damaged on your way home, or your car broken into or vandalised at night. But knowing that mobile windscreen replacement isn’t always possible, and why, can help avoid disappointment or frustration if you ever request it and are told you need to take your car into a fitting centre instead.

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