Why Is Mobile Windscreen Repair a Better Option?

Why Is Mobile Windscreen Repair a Better Option | Instant Windscreens
Why Is Mobile Windscreen Repair a Better Option?

There are many reasons why you might need an auto glass repair specialist to come to you to carry our windscreen repairs on your car, not least of which a stay-at-home order or instruction that limits how far you can travel. But even in less complicated times you’ll find people for whom mobile windscreen repair is always the better option.

It’s the Safest Option Sometimes

What do you do if, while parked in your driveway, your windscreen is damaged during a sudden hailstorm, or by a bit of wayward debris, or even a falling tree branch? The type of damage caused can be severe enough to stretch right across the critical vision area (CVA) making it impossible to safely drive the car to your nearest auto glass specialist. Similarly, if your windscreen is smashed while driving, there is no way for you to safely make your way to a repair centre and using a towing service would be an additional cost. A mobile auto glass technician would be able to come out to you, wherever you are, and carry out a windscreen repair or replacement for you at the same cost and in the same amount of time it would take at one of our service centres.

It’s More Convenient

Even small windscreen chips and cracks should be repaired as soon as you notice them, because delays can cause them to spread, and reducing the chance of them being repairable. But between work and all the other things we have going on in our lives, finding the time is not impossible, just inconvenient. So, the simple windscreen repair becomes something we’ll take care of tomorrow, next week, or some other future time. But since a mobile windscreen repair and replacement service is able to come to whatever address you specify – be it home or your workplace – and at a time that suits you, even outside of normal business hours, there is no need to keep postponing it.

It’s Available 24/7

Boosting the convenience of a mobile windscreen repair or replacement service even more is the fact that they are usually available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, not only do you have even fewer reasons for putting off getting the chips or cracks in your windscreen repaired, you also never need to worry about when your windscreen gets damaged. Because we all know that your windscreen can get damaged any time you drive, and even when your car is parked at home.

Stuck at home but need your vehicle’s windscreen replaced or repaired? Call us on 132444 from anywhere in Australia to see if we have a mobile auto glass technician operating in your area, and get your windscreen sorted at a time that suits you.

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