When Does a Windscreen Need Replacing

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When Does a Windscreen Need Replacing

If you have damaged your windscreen you may need to replace it. While some glass chips can be fixed with acrylic resin, certain damage will only worsen. Plus it is a safety hazard. So when should you replace your windscreen?

Severe damage

Your windscreen can crack if debris or force hits the surface, from rocks or branches, etc. The extent of the damage will determine whether you need to replace it.

Small chips

Small cracks within 3 inches are usually okay, and can be treated with an acrylic resin that acts to fill the cracks. However, if the chip is at the edge of the glass or deep into the glass the size won’t matter, and you will need to replace it. Even if it is  small chip, it’s important to get it looked at immediately. If left unattended water or dirt can make its way into the empty space which can worsen the damage – leading to you needing a replacement.

Larger damage

Large cracks, cracks at the edge of the glass and deeper cracks will need to be replaced. Unfortunately this cracks are beyond repair and the resin cannot close it up enough to stop further damage. Windscreen replacement can be costly, but it’s critical for your safety if the damage is severe.

How do cracks occur?

Cracks can occur from significant stress to your glass, but usually occur from debris falling onto the glass, be that loose rocks that fly up from your tires, hail or fallen nuts and branches. We may not expect glass damage, but there are preventative measures that can reduce your chances.

How to prevent cracks

  • Regularly inspect your glass: Sometimes chips go unnoticed, especially if you regularly drive in harsh weather or rough terrain. If chips aren’t repaired immediately then can grow or worsen, so it’s always good to check on your glass and inspect any unfamiliar blemishes.
  • Slow down: If you drive on dirt roads or rough terrain you should always be mindful of your speed. The faster you drive across dirt tracks increases the risk of loose rocks flying up and hitting your windscreen.
  • Keep your distance: Avoid driving under low hanging trees with loose branches and stay far away from rough roads with loose rocks. Try to drive on even roads when you can.
  • Check the weather: Hail and falling materials will damage glass, so if you know there’s a storm coming, keep your car undercover.

Unexpected damage? Reach out to the experts

Instant Windscreens are experts in all damage and repairs related to windscreens. We service Australia wide and offer mobile services where needed. If you’re in need of an emergency repair, or want to enquire about window tinting give us a call today. We offer obligation free quotes.

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