What Windscreen Chips can be Repaired

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What Windscreen Chips can be Repaired

Windscreen damage, small to large cracks

Your windscreen is a critical part in your safety when driving, which is why it’s so important it is in tact. But sometimes unexpected issues occur, and you find yourself with a cracked or chipped windscreen. When this occurs, there are two options: replace the windscreen completely or repair the crack instantly. The option will depend on the type of crack.

How do cracks occur?

Cracks occur due to stress on the glass, or debris hitting the windscreen. The glass is quite durable, but if certain material falls with force you’ll find your glass chipped or damage.

What windscreen chips can be repaired?

If the crack is within around 3 inches, in the centre of the glass and not too deep it should be fairly easy to repair. A technician can come to you and apply an acrylic resin into the chip, preventing dirt or water from entering. It’s important that you get any chip looked at immediately, as waiting could either cause the chip to grow, or lead to dirt and water entering the gap and causing added damage.

If the crack is around the corner of the windscreen, is fairly large or deep into the glass, you will need to replace it. Irreparable damage like this obscures your view and will only worsen over time. Windscreen replacements can be expensive, but it’s a necessity for yours and your passenger’s safety.

How to prevent cracks

Of course no one wants cracks to occur, and if you want to save yourself from the cost and frustration of damage to your vehicle there are preventative measures you can take to reduce your chances of chips and cracks.

  • Slow down on rough terrain: If you are driving through gravel or dirt roads, keep a modest speed. The fast you drive the more likely it is for debris to splash up and hit your vehicle. Small rocks can easily chip your windscreen resulting in worse damage if untreated.
  • Keep your distance: While you slow down, keep your distance from any obstruction or threats too. Branches and overhanging trees are probably a bad idea, especially during heavy storms. You should keep your vehicle away from any risk of damage from above and damage that could come from the ground.
  • Watch the weather: Heavy storms and hail can impact your windscreen. If you know that there is going to be a storm keep your vehicle in shelter and away from overhanging trees.
  • Check on your windscreen: You may have a chip or crack without even noticing it. If you check on your windscreen, with a magnifying glass, regularly you can inspect any spots or blemishes you don’t recognise. If you are concerned, you can then speak to a technician immediately.

Unexpected chip? Call Instant Windscreens

If your windscreen has been impacted, no matter the situation, contact Instant Windscreens today. We can help with either repairing or replacing the glass, and offer mobile services for urgent request. We service all across Australia, so get in touch and we can discuss a quote.

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