What to Look for in an Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Company

What to Look for in an Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Company | Instant Windscreens
What to Look for in an Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Company

If you’re fortunate, having any auto glass replaced or repaired is not something you’ll be doing regularly. So, when you do need a chip or crack in your windscreen taken care of you might be tempted to just go with the first auto glass company you find online. But considering the important role auto glass plays in keeping you and your passengers safe and comfortable, there are a few things you should look for before settling on an auto glass replacement and repair company.

Their Experience

This is multi-faceted and isn’t just about how many years they have been in operation. Having been open for a few to many years is obviously a good sign, implying not only that they have years of experience but also that customers are happy with the service offered too. However, you should also look at whether they limit their services only to passenger vehicles or do they work on all types of vehicles, including buses or industrial vehicles. Even if you won’t ever need them to replace a windscreen on a bus, knowing that they can assures you that they have a wide range of experience with auto glass.

The Range of Services Offered

You should be weary of a company that offers too many unrelated services, but one that provides a variety of complementary services would be a good match. This would not be limited only to being able to replace or repair any auto glass, but also services such as auto glass tinting and ADAS calibration, with the latter being especially important when having the windscreen or rear window on newer cars replaced. You want to know that after having your windscreen replaced you won’t need to take your vehicle to another business first before you can confidently use any ADAS features.

An Element of Convenience

Situations that lead to you needing to have your windscreen or any other auto glass repaired or replaced can occur at any time. And waiting for a business to open isn’t always an option. But don’t limit yourself to only looking or an auto glass replacement or repair company that offers their services 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. A mobile service, with a technician able to come to you to repair or replace any auto glass is not only convenient, in some instances it can be essential, saving you from having to arrange for your vehicle to be towed in. Also worth looking for is a company with representation country-wide, or at the very least, throughout the state you live in. Should you ever need an urgent repair or replacement done while travelling long-distance, you’re at least assured of the same high level of service you’ve received before.

Included Warranty

Choosing a reputable company to take care of your auto glass needs but still expecting a warranty to be included with the repair or replacement is not counter-intuitive. You want to be able to trust that the workmanship is of a high standard, and with the right company it will be, but a warranty not only offers additional peace-of-mind – at no extra cost – it should also cover unexpected defects not related to workmanship. And if the company has multiple branches across the country, check that the warranty allows you to visit any branch for any warranty claim.

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