What to do if Your Car Window is Broken

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What to do if Your Car Window is Broken

Broken Car Window? Here’s What to Do

No one expects a broken window, but sometimes unexpected weather, rough terrain and falling debris gets in the way resulting in damage. If you’ve found your car window is damaged, here’s what to do.

Where is the damage?

Damage to side windows might not be as grave an issue and won’t cost as much to replace. If the damage is on your windscreen this is a more urgent issue, and depending on the size of the damage you may need to replace it. As this is the main point of visibility for drivers, it needs to be completely clear and safe.

What is the extent of the damage?

Small chips are usually okay to drive back home or to the branch for repair. If they aren’t around the corner or too deep then they can be quickly repaired with an acrylic resin. While they aren’t as urgent an issue you should still get these repaired immediately to prevent the damage from worsening.

If the damage is more extensive, or there are multiple cracks, you will likely need it replaced. This will naturally be pricier and take longer to get repaired, but usually a standard model can still be replaced within a day.

Can you drive with it?

We always advise that you get the crack checked immediately before you continue driving. Driving with it will only increase the risk of the crack worsening, which can impact your visibility, which in turn impacts yours and your passengers’ safety.

How do cracks occur?

You might find a crack without even noticing or didn’t expect damage from harsh weather. If any debris hits glass it can always result in chips or cracks, even small rocks. Chances of cracks can also be increased from high stress and pressure to the glass, and if you drive over speed bumps quickly or on rough terrain it may crack.

How to prevent cracks

You won’t be able to completely cut out your risk of cracks, but you can reduce the chances with a few preventative measures.

  • Check on your windows regularly: Small chips may go unnoticed, so take regular time to investigate the state of your glass, especially your windscreen. If you notice any dents or blemished that you don’t recognise, it’s a good idea to get a specialist to take a look.
  • Check the weather: Storms, hail and falling branches can cause cracks. So if you park your car on the street you may want to park it under shelter until any storm settles.
  • Slow down: If you are on rough terrain slow it down, as well as on speed bumps. Loose gravel and rocks can fly up and hit your glass, but slowing down can reduce the risk of this.

Instant Windscreens offers fast repairs and replacements

We advise you get any damage looked at as soon as possible. If you have found your glass is damaged, Instant Windscreens services all across Australia, and can offer mobile services where needed. We work efficiently, and treat your vehicle like our own. Reach out to the team today for a free quote.

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