5 Ways Your Vehicle’s Windscreen Keeps You Safe

5 Ways Your Vehicles Windscreen Keeps You Safe | Instant Windscreens
5 Ways Your Vehicle’s Windscreen Keeps You Safe

We frequently mention how important your vehicle’s windscreen is at keeping you and your passengers safe, but without ever discussing some of the hidden ways in which it does this. Because your vehicle’s windscreen is doing far more than just keeping the wind and rain out of your face.

It Shields You From Flying Debris

Just as important as protecting you from the wind, rain, and other elements, your windscreen shields you and your passengers against flying debris. Some of this would be minor bits and pieces, like small flying insects or leaves and paper bits being blown about, but others are quite dangerous, such as small stones and other hard debris that can be flung up and back by cars in front of you. You’ve no doubt been startled before by something hard hitting your windscreen and, in some instances, even causing a crack or chip in the glass; imagine what that could do to you or your passengers if it weren’t for the windscreen?

It Is Shatterproof

Shatterproof does not mean the windscreen shouldn’t ever break, it simply means that if it does ever break it doesn’t shatter into large pieces with jagged edges, like regular glass does. Thanks to windscreens being made from two layers of glass bonded together – or laminated – by a thin sheet of plastic or resin, a heavy blow to the windscreen will cause the windscreen to crack severely, and maybe even cave in slightly, but it will never break apart into sharp pieces.

It Protects During a Car Crash

In the unfortunate event of a car crash involving another vehicle or other large object, your windscreen can prevent items – and people – from being ejected from the vehicle, while also preventing large objects outside the car from smashing through into the cabin of the car.

It Holds the Roof Up

It is easy to think of the roof and frame of your vehicle holding the windscreen in place, and to a degree they do, but at the same time the windscreen holds the roof of your car up too. Or at least should your vehicle ever roll-over, the toughness of the windscreen prevents the roof from caving in. And this is one of the main reasons you always want to have your windscreen replaced by professionals, because they will always ensure that the windscreen is properly secured in place for this purpose.

It Helps Airbags Deploy Properly

Your vehicle’s windscreen plays a very important role in ensuring that the airbags deploy properly when needed. It does this by preventing the airbag from inflating outwards, redirecting it towards the front seat passenger, while also helping to stabilise the airbag. This is a crucial reason for always having chips and cracks in your windscreen repaired as soon as they appear. If the structural integrity of the windscreen is weakened, the windscreen could be knocked out as the airbags deploy making them less effective in keeping you and your passengers safe.

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