Things to Remember When Taking Your Pet on Road Trips

Things to Remember When Taking Your Pet on Road Trips Instant Windscreens
Things to Remember When Taking Your Pet on Road Trips

Whether your next road trip will be a short one or one that will take you more than a few hours, taking your pet with you on your adventure will require a lot of effort and consideration. Keep your pet happy and safe by following these simple steps.

Remember to Bring all Your Pet Essentials

It’s always a good idea to have spares of your pet’s essential items packed in your car, even if you aren’t going on a road trip but regularly travel with your pet in the car. Pack a spare water bowl, some pet toys, a towel, plastic bags, a pooper scooper, and your pet’s necessary first-aid items to help make your trips less stressful. You will have peace of mind knowing that you already have your pet’s crucial items already packed in your vehicle.

Ensure You Have the Correct Safety Harness

To avoid having your pet wander around your vehicle and distract you whilst you are driving – or worse, get between your feet and the pedals – it is essential that your pet is safely harnessed in the back seat. You will frequently see dogs sticking their heads out of windows in cars, but this is generally not a good idea as this can leave your dog subject to ear and lung infections. Keep your pet harnessed securely in the back seat and this will help you have a safe and smooth road trip.

Make Some Time to Rest and Take Breaks

If your car journey is a long one, remember to make stops every 60 to 90 minutes. Take your dog for a short walk, let them hydrate, and feed them snacks during this time. It is a terrible idea to feed your pet whilst your vehicle is moving, as your pet may suffer from motion sickness. Remember that it’s important that you make time to rest yourself as well, ensuring you remain alert throughout the trip.

Consider tinting your vehicle’s windows

Window film installation is a great idea if you’re one to frequently take your pet on road trips. Tinted windows will protect your pets from excess sun exposure, and help keep your car cooler without having to use the air-conditioner constantly. To explore the different types of automotive window tinting in our range, click here.

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