The Benefits of Safety & Security Window Films for Your Business

The Benefits of Safety & Security Window Films for Your Business | Instant Windscreens
The Benefits of Safety & Security Window Films for Your Business

The benefit of tinting your business’s outward facing windows is not only in improving the appearance or in temperature control, it can also improve the safety and security of your business. And improved safety and security doesn’t only benefit your bottom line, it also prevents a drop in productivity due to workplace injuries. Let’s look at three simple ways in which Safety and Security Window Films can benefit your business.

Theft and Vandalism

All businesses, regardless of industry, are at risk of break-ins and casual or deliberate vandalism. Safety and security window films aren’t impenetrable, but they do add strength to any windows they are applied to, making it more difficult to break. The extra effort a would-be thief needs to exert to actually break the glass could be enough of a deterrent, and while you’ll still need to replace the damaged glass, you won’t also have to be dealing with the loss of stock or equipment. Safety and security window films don’t have to be tinted, so they can add toughness without reducing the ability for potential customers to see your merchandise from outside. Which is useful for jewellers who are at greater risk to break-ins, but definitely don’t want to hide their merchandise.

Inclement Weather

You don’t need to live in an area that is prone to cyclones to be concerned about bad weather breaking windows. Any severe storm brings with it the chance for hail, and strong winds that blow debris about. Normal safety glass is designed to shatter when struck with enough force, and while this is intended to reduce the risk of injury from pieces of glass, it doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of injury. Safety and security films are better at holding the glass together, and at keeping the window in its frame, so there’s almost no risk of injury to you, your employees, or your customers from flying glass or any other debris that might blow in through a broken window.

Injury Prevention

In addition to severe weather breaking windows, there are many other accidental or deliberate acts that could cause business windows to break, from earthquakes, to industrial accidents, explosions, and even a driver losing control of their vehicle. Safety and security film won’t prevent any of these from breaking your windows or knocking them out of the frame, but by holding the glass together it eliminates the chance of anyone being severely injured by broken glass.

Accidents will happen, and you can’t always foresee or prevent them, but fitting safety and security window film can help reduce injuries and limit damage in all but the most extreme situations. Speak to Instant Windscreens today to learn more about our range of commercial tinting options.

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