These Are the Road Rules You Don’t Know

These Are the Road Rules You Don’t Know | Instant Windscreens
These Are the Road Rules You Don’t Know

Across Australia, you will find that the road rules vary from state to state. Some road rules are so obscure that you don’t get the opportunity to pick them up whilst you are in the process of learning how to drive. Here you’ll find some rules that you probably have never even heard about. Test your own driving knowledge by seeing how many of these little-known driving rules you already know.

  1. It’s against the rules to splash pedestrians
    NSW has laws in place that prohibit drivers from splashing pedestrians on the side of the road. If you are caught driving through puddles and splashing people, you will find yourself with a $165 fine.
  2. Motorcyclists must keep their feet on the footrest
    In Queensland, motorcyclists must ensure that they keep both of their feet on their bike’s footrest. Whilst this does make it difficult for motorcyclists to stretch out their legs, if a motorcyclist is caught failing to stick to this rule, they may be fined over $100.
  3. Post boxes and fire hydrants
    Across multiple states in Australia, it is illegal to stop within 3m of a post-box or a fire hydrant. In NSW, you are given 2 exceptions – You can stop closer than 3m if you are dropping off or picking up someone, or if you are using the post-box.
  4. Cyclists must keep at least one hand on the handlebar
    Not only is it illegal for cyclists to ride without a helmet, they must also make sure that they keep at least one hand on the handlebar at all times.
  5. Waving goodbye could get you into trouble
    Drivers may get themselves into trouble if they wave while behind the wheel. The NSW Road Rules state that drivers are prohibited from having any part of their body outside of the vehicle’s window.
  6. Being overtaken? Don’t speed up!
    In NSW, if a person is caught accelerating once they are being overtaken, they may be hit with a $325 fine.
  7. Don’t make that call when you’re at a drive-thru
    Making a call or using your phone to send messages whilst you are at a fast food drive-thru may get you fined $300 in NSW and $455 in VIC. Drive-thru’s are technically still part of the road and so the same rules apply for using mobile devices on the road.

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