5 Reasons Homeowners Tint Their Windows

5 Reasons Homeowners Tint Their Windows | Instant Windscreens
5 Reasons Homeowners Tint Their Windows

The benefits gained from tinted windows in the home aren’t limited to a specific season or time of year, though with milder winters, helping to regulate the interior temperature is something that would be more appreciated – and noticeable – in summer. And if you’re still on the fence about having your home windows fitted with tinting film, consider these reasons most homeowners tint their windows.

Better Safety & Security

Spending time indoors with the curtains drawn or blinds closed can be gloomy and just a little oppressive, especially if it is daytime and your home has been designed with an abundance of windows and glass doors. But without tinted windows it is necessary at times, for privacy. And privacy is not only about keeping your neighbours from looking in, it is also a very important crime prevention tactic: if would-be burglars can’t see into your home, they can’t tell what valuables you have on display nor where they are. And from a safety perspective, should any windows or glass doors be smashed, the tinting film can hold the broken glass together, reducing the risk of injury before it is cleaned up.

Money Saving

One of the primary reasons for homeowners tinting their windows is the cost saving that can be realised due to reduced need for heating and cooling. Modern tinting films block varying percentages of solar heat, but without blocking out light. So, while your home isn’t darker, it is noticeably cooler, meaning there is less need for using the air-conditioner in summer. And some films are also able to trap warm air inside, which is useful in winter. While window tinting films won’t completely eliminate the need for heating and cooling, you will find you can be shrewder with the temperature setting on the thermostat, and that can save you quite a bit on your monthly energy bill.

Protects Furniture

UV rays are not only harmful to people, they’re also damaging to furniture. By blocking UV light, window tinting protects your furniture from fading and cracking, even being of benefit to your flooring. And this applies to wood, leather, and fabric. Drawing the curtains or closing blinds does the same, but you have to remember to do this as sunlight floods each room, and you end up with a darker interior for much of the day.

Improves Curb Appeal

Whether the style of your home is minimalist or mid-century bungalow, adding a dark or reflective tint can modernise your home without the need for costly construction, immediately making it more appealing from the outside. And this simple enhancement can even increase the value of your home.

Eliminates Screen Glare

If you find yourself working from home a lot more regularly, you would also have noticed how the glare of sunlight at different times of the day make it difficult to clearly see the screen of your electronic devices. Sometimes this is easily remedied by closing the curtains or moving to a different room. But having tinted windows can save you from having to do this, especially if you have a favourite room to work from.

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