5 Quick Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

5 Quick Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring | Instant Windscreens
5 Quick Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

As we get ready to bid the cold, blustery days of winter farewell and welcome the more temperate weather of spring, now is a great time to take care of a few simple fixes to ensure your car is ready for brighter days, and more road trips. Ensuring the engine is in tip-top shape is covered by the scheduled services recommended by the manufacturer, but here we look at a few things you can take care of more frequently to keep your car in great shape and keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

Get Clean Inside and Out

The cold, wet, and windy days of winter mean you probably put in less effort to keep your car clean, and a great way to lift your own mood ahead of spring is to book your car in for more than just a quick wash. A full detail won’t only get your car sparkling clean on the outside, but also the inside, getting rid of all traces of dirt and grime, even in those areas you tend to overlook when washing the car yourself. A full car detailing will include polishing and waxing of the exterior, along with steam cleaning of carpeting and fabric upholstery, and proper treatment for any leather, leaving your car not only looking but also smelling like it is brand new.

Check on the Tyres

While you’re probably remembering to check the tyre pressure regularly, when last did you check on the condition of your spare? As we move towards spring check the pressure on all your tyres, including the spare, and at the same time check on the tread depth, and for signs of irregular wear and even damage to the rims.

Get Windscreen Chips and Cracks Taken Care Of

With your car cleaner than it has been for months, a quick visual inspection of your windscreen and other auto glass will be much easier, allowing you to more easily spot any chips and cracks that need attention. Avoid DIY repair kits and rather get professionals to carry out any repairs as they will know whether any larger cracks or chips can be safely repaired or require a new window or windscreen to be fitted. It is also the reason why you should have chips and cracks repaired as soon as possible, because once they grow too big, you’re going to have no choice but to replace.

Inspect Your Windscreen Wipers

The cold and wet weather of winter can be a little tough on your car’s windscreen wipers, causing the rubber blades to split, and even resulting in excess wear-and-tear on the wiper mechanism. Inspecting and replacing your windscreen wipers is not challenging at all and can easily be taken care of in under an hour. But the difference it can make to driving in wet weather is immeasurable.

Schedule an ADAS Calibration

Most new cars are equipped with some form of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), but the accuracy of these systems depends on them being properly calibrated at all times. After fitting new tyres, having wheel alignment set, or replacing your windscreen you always need to have the ADAS recalibrated, but if you haven’t done any of those in the last 12 months, you should still schedule a calibration. ADAS calibration is recommended once a year outside of any suspension and windscreen repairs taking place.

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