5 Myths about Windscreens You Need to Stop Believing

5 Myths about Windscreens You Need to Stop Believing | Instant Windscreens
5 Myths about Windscreens You Need to Stop Believing

Driving is pretty tricky with a big crack or chip in your windscreen obstructing your view. But even if vision is not compromised, you shouldn’t just forget about it and keep driving. Before you forget about those cracks and chips, there are five myths about windscreens you need to stop believing. Armed with the right information, you can maintain the longevity of your windscreen and your safety. Remember, taking the wrong action or advice could leave you with a bigger crack in your windscreen, which will then have to be replaced.

Myth 1: You Don’t Need to Repair Chips

You really do need to fix chips and cracks. With changing temperatures, glass expands and contracts, ultimately causing cracks and chips to deepen and spread. Once a crack has spread, you may have to replace your windscreen altogether. Not to mention, chips and cracks affect the integrity of your windscreen, potentially compromising your safety if in an accident. In the end, popping into your local windscreen repair shop will save you money and ensure your safety.

Myth 2: A Chipped Windscreen Can Be Fixed with Nail Polish

We all love to get stuck in with a little DIY now and then, but this isn’t quite the same as putting up a shelf. Fixing a windscreen with nail polish does not do the trick. You will likely trap dirt in the chip, and you will make it more difficult–or impossible–for a professional windscreen repair technician to fix. The integrity of your windscreen will still be weakened. In this instance, a quick fix will turn into a quick mess.

Myth 3: All Chips Are the Same

Chips appear on windscreens in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own size, depth, and shape. These factors influence how they can be repaired and if they can be repaired. Each crack will have its own way and rate of spreading. Owing to the variety of chips and cracks, it’s best to have a professional assess it rather than simply leave it. You wouldn’t want a minor chip to turn into a big, irreparable crack.

Myth 4: A Damaged Windscreen Has to Be Replaced

It’s easy to just jump to the worst conclusion when you chip your windscreen, but try not to. The sooner you take it to a professional windscreen repair shop, the more likely it can be repaired rather than replaced. There’s no doubt that replacing your windscreen is expensive, so take your vehicle in before the chip or crack spreads.

Myth 5: Safety Glass Doesn’t Break

Windscreens are made of safety glass that is also laminated to ensure that it doesn’t break into dangerous shards. When safety glass breaks, it breaks into smaller little chunks of glass to minimise the amount of harm it can cause in the event of an accident. And with windscreens, the result is a broken piece of glass that holds together owing to the laminate.

Don’t fall foul of any myths about windscreens. Pop into your local Instant Windscreens shop today for professional advice, windscreen repairs and replacements.

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