How To Maintain Your Car Window Tint

How To Maintain Your Car Window Tint | Instant Windscreens
How To Maintain Your Car Window Tint

With proper care, professional car window tint can easily last 10 to 15 years before needing to be replaced, and by following these tips you could well end up replacing your car before the window tint needs to be reinstalled.

Give Them Proper Time to Dry

You’ll be able to drive your car within a few minutes of the car window tint being installed, but the full drying time for the tint is usually four to five days, depending on the local weather. During this time, you should not roll your windows down at all, giving the tint enough time to bond properly to the glass surface. If the tint does not bond it can lead to bubbling and peeling. This can be difficult to follow through on, especially if you use a keycard to access a parking lot, so try to time the installation ahead of a weekend or any period when you know you can easily get by without opening your car windows for a week.

Gentle Cleaning Only

Certain surfaces should never be cleaned using harsh chemicals, and this applies to car window tint too. Check any cleaning agents you use for ammonia and anything abrasive, and if you’re unsure stick to using warm soapy water, or a mild mix of water and vinegar when cleaning the tint. It is also important to use a non-abrasive cloth, so either a clean microfibre cloth, or paper towels. Abrasive materials can scratch the tint, while harsh chemicals can lead to streaks and discolouration of the tint, with both influencing the effectiveness of the tint.

Avoid Too Much Sun

One reason you may have chosen to install window tint on your car is to keep it call during the day, and while most tints are designed to block most solar heat and UV rays, being exposed to direct sun all day can still weaken the tint over time. If parking your car out in the open for most of the day is unavoidable, aim to choose a parking spot that has some shade.

Don’t Knock the Tint

Window tints are quite durable, but any repeated actions will eventually cause damage, with the one we’re often unaware of being knocks when removing our seatbelt. Releasing your seatbelt quickly or carelessly can cause the metal tongue to knock against the car window, eventually chipping the tint, which – in turn – can lead to the tint lifting or pealing around the chip.

Always Have it Professionally Installed

As tempting as it might be to install car window tint yourself, having it done professionally will usually see the installation protected by a lifetime warranty, covering the tint against cracking, bubbling, delamination and other flaws. As long as you take proper care of the tint, you can at least expect it to be reinstalled if anything does go wrong, without having to pay again.

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