Is it OK to drive with a Cracked Windscreen

Is it OK to drive with a Cracked Windscreen

Cracked Windscreen? Here’s What to Do

We don’t always know what’s going to happen, and sometimes unexpected incidents cause unexpected damage. Windscreens are fairly durable and resistant to fairly minor debris, however if the windscreen is structurally week, or it has been met with a harsh blow you might find some damage to your glass.

How do cracks form?

Cracks can form from significant stress on your glass, but most of the time it comes from being hit by some form of debris, hail, branches, etc. So what do you do?

Is it okay to drive with a cracked windscreen?

It’s never safe to drive with a cracked windscreen, and when the damage is significant you should seek repair or replacement as soon as possible. If damage worsens fragmented glass may harm you or get into your car. However, it’ll also depend on how serious your crack is.

The scope of repair

Smaller cracks

If the crack is a small chip you should be fine to drive home and take a look at it before calling up a technician. But it’s advised that you get it looked at as soon as possible. If left alone, water will find its way into the crack which can cause the glass to fog and make the crack even worse. It may also get bigger after a small bump or unexpected stress on your vehicle. Dirt can also be pushed into the crack which is near impossible to remove.

If you get a small crack looked at as soon as you can a technician will be able to put an acrylic resin which will fill the empty space. Depending on the crack you may be left with a small blemish, but overall the chip will be good as new.

Larger cracks

If the crack is too large the windscreen does need to be replaced. If a crack is at the corner of the windscreen, even if it is small it will also need to be replaced. Longer cracks and cracks that are deep into the windscreen will also require a windscreen replacement. A technician should be able to investigate the state of the crack and assess whether a repair will suffice or a replacement is required.

Preventing cracks in the future

No one expects damage to their windscreen, but if you’ve found yourself wanting to avoid them in the future there are some ways that can help decrease the chances.

  • Distance from debris: If you are travelling through rocky terrain or are expecting hail you should always ensure you are protected. Park under shelter and when driving where rocks are prone to damage windows make sure to be mindful of your speed.
  • Slow it down: Make sure you properly reduce your speed on speed bumps and take your time on any terrain that is not a regulated road.
  • Watch weather reports: As mentioned above, you want to keep your vehicle under shelter where possible. It’s not just hail that can damage your car. Thunderstorms and heavy wind can cause trees to fall and potentially damage your car.
  • Check on your windscreen: Regularly check your windscreen for chips, as some can go unnoticed. If you see anything that concerns you, speak to technician and they can determine the state of the chip.

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