Is A Higher Percentage Tint Worth It

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Is A Higher Percentage Tint Worth It

Window tinting is expressed with the percentage of VLT, or Visible Light Transmission. This refers to the percentage of light that is transmitted through the windows of your car. Tinting your windows minuses the percentage of light transmitted, making it a desirable service for those looking to minimise sun exposure.

Higher tint percentage

A higher tint percentage, say 65% means that 65% of light transmits through the glass. 100% VLT would mean that all of the light transmits through – so a higher tint percentage does not mean darker.

Lower tint percentage

A lower tint percentage will indicate less light is transmitted through the glass. A VLT of 10% means that only 10% of the light transmitted will transfer through the window, meaning that 90% of that light is reflected back. This means it will appear darker than a higher tint percentage.

So, if you want your windows to appear darker you should go for a lower VLT, or tint percentage.

Choosing the right VLT

All states have laws and requirements on the level of tinting that is legally permitted on vehicles. Generally speaking most states request a minimum of 35% VLT on front driver and passenger side windows, meaning 35% of light needs to transmit through the glass. To choose the right VLT for you ensure you are complying with the state laws, before comparing tint levels with the desired look you hope to achieve.

We can help you choose a high quality window tint that complies with state regulations.

Your specialists in glass and windows

Instant Windscreens has worked with a number of vehicles and can offer you a tailored solution for your needs. We are happy to consult with you to discuss tinting options.

Our services

Glass repair

When you have small cracks and chips you can probably get away with simple glass repair, a quick procedure that doesn’t cost as much as a replacement. Our mobile services can assist with urgent repairs when needed.

Glass replacement

For larger cracks or for completely damaged windows, we can efficiently replace your glass leaving a clean, good-as-new finish. It’s important to replace windows as soon as possible for your own safety.

Window tinting

Window tinting is a very popular process that adds privacy and UV protection to your vehicle. We have worked on vehicles of all shapes and sizes and can discuss a quote with you.

Speak to the glass and window experts today

Instant Windscreens has over 35 years in the industry and this experience is testament to the level of service we provide our customers. We deliver exceptional service, from commercial glass repair through to vehicle tinting. Our expert team offer mobile services, and we’ve branches across Australia, so we’re always close by. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.

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