How To Maintain Tinted Windows

How To Maintain Tinted Windows | Instant Windscreens
How To Maintain Tinted Windows

Window tinting is beneficial for cars, homes, and businesses. Tinting offers reduced penetration of harmful UV rays. It blocks harsh heat from the sun to keep interiors cool, reduce energy costs, maintain privacy, reduce sun damage to furniture and car interiors, and offer greater security against intruders. With so many reasons to have your windows tinted, it’s in your best interest to know how to maintain tinted windows. Without proper care, the lifespan of your tinted windows is reduced, and you will not fully enjoy the benefits of your tinting.

Why Take Care of Your Tinted Windows?

If you have your tinting applied professionally and take proper care of it, it is more likely to last the length of its warranty. The most common ways people neglect their window tinting is by not cleaning it, using the incorrect cleaning materials, or not allowing the windows to cure for the suggested time frame. With abrasive cloths and cleaning liquids, the tinting is damaged through scratching and weakening of the film over time. By taking note of the care instructions of your tinting, your tinting will last between 10 and 15 years as expected.

How To Wash Your Tinted Windows

With suitable cleaning materials and methods, your tinting can last for years to come. These methods aren’t complicated; if anything, they are super simple.

Step One: Take It Slow

Before you get too excited about cleaning your new windscreen or windows, remember to give them the appropriate amount of time to cure before you get stuck in washing them. The recommended curing time frame may vary from one manufacturer to the next, depending on what glass has been tinted.

Step Two: Get Mildly Soapy

It is important to use only a little bit of mild soap. Mild dishwashing liquid is a good option if you don’t have the recommended cleaning fluid. Stay away from abrasive soaps and anything containing solvents or ammonia.

Step Three: Use a Microfibre Cloth

Fill a bucket with your cleaning solution and start wiping the glass gently. Ensure that you don’t just move the dirt around; this will increase the risk of abrasion. Rinse your cloth regularly while cleaning.

Step Four: Gently Squeegee

Ensuring that your squeegee has no sharp corners or jagged edges, drag a clean squeegee down the glass along the grain of the tint. This will remove most of the liquid, preventing white spots on the glass.

Step Five: One Last Wipe

It is vital to make sure the glass is dry, so the last step is to remove any remaining liquid with a cloth. Remember that anything abrasive is a no-no; you want to stick with a dry microfibre cloth. Don’t resort to paper towels or newspaper. With any window tinting, the manufacturer may have some specific recommendations. Familiarise yourself with these recommendations, as to not void the warranty. Take care to read your warranty thoroughly both before and after your tinting has been applied. For more advice and a quote on tinting, get in touch with Instant Windscreens today.

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