How Does Tint Percentage Work?

How Does Tint Percentage Work - Instant Windscreens
How Does Tint Percentage Work?

In Australia, tinting your windows is the smart thing to do. The benefits are overwhelming. Whether you are tinting the windows on your car, in your home, or business, in the end, it’s worth it, even if you’re just looking for a way to keep these spaces cool. Of course, there are variables such as the type of laminate tint film you are having applied and the tint percentage, and you want to know how tint percentage works. It’s not too complicated, and it’s helpful to know what to look for before you tint your windows, so let us answer your window tinting questions.

How Does Window Tinting Work?

Window tinting is when a layer of laminate film is applied to glass. The film is usually applied to the inside of the glass to limit the damage caused by debris. This tinting serves to protect cars, homes, and commercial spaces from prying eyes, block out excess heat and UV rays, cut down on glare, and retain heat in winter. As a result, we save money on heating and cooling our spaces, our interiors are protected from fading caused by UV rays, we protect our skin and eyes, and feel more secure.

What Is Tint Percentage?

Tint percentage is the value assigned to tinting to show how much light passes through the tint. Measured in visible light transmission or VLT, a 90 percent VLT will allow 90 percent of light to pass through the tint, while a VLT of 10 percent will be much darker and allow only 10 percent of light to pass through the glass. While it’s tempting to apply the highest tint, it’s important to note that even a tint that has a high VLT has a significant impact on the amount of light and UV rays passing through the glass.

Types of Window Tinting

There are various types of window tints; some tint manufacturers will market them as privacy, heat reducing, UV blocking, security, or decorative tints. The science behind them varies somewhat, but most tints will offer a variety of benefits so that you don’t have to sacrifice UV protection over privacy. Typical tints fall into the dyed, metallised, ceramic, or hybrid type. The most important thing to remember when selecting the tint for your car, home, or office is that it must be a brand that is recognised by the Australian Window Council and rated by WERS, the Window Energy Rating Scheme. This way, you can be assured that the quality will live up to the claims.

Window Tinting Laws for Cars

As far as cars are concerned, there are laws to adhere to regarding tinting. In all states and territories, the maximum tinting you can legally apply for your windows is 35 percent depending on which car window you are tinting.

Instant Windscreens is a certified and recognised window tinting provider. With tinting designed for automotive, residential, or commercial purposes, you can be assured that we have the best options to meet your needs. Of course, our tinting also carries a manufacture and application warranty. To get a quote on home window tinting that works, get in touch with Instant Windscreens today.

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