How Do You Maintain Tinted Windows

How Do You Maintain Tinted Windows

If you decide to get tinted windows it’s important the you maintain them properly, to ensure the best possible finish, as well as to help them last longer. Here’s a few quick pointers on how to make sure you maintain the longevity and quality of your window tint.

How to maintain quality after service

Once your windows have been tinted it’s always advised to keep them up for at least 24 hours. This will prevent the tint from possibly peeling or coming loose. If you can keep them up for a few days that is ideal.

Ongoing maintenance on your tints

Once you’ve waited for a couple days, it’s important to maintain general upkeep of your tint to ensure they stay look good as new.

Cleaning and maintenance

Just like you would usually clean your vehicle, you’ll want to maintain the look of your tinted windows. A few pointers for cleaning include:

Use a soft, microfibre cloth

Clean with something soft to make sure you don’t damage the tint. Microfibre cloths can remove dust and dirt without being too harsh on the window tint.

Use soapy water

A lot of detergents and cleaning products can damage the tint on your glass. Instead, if you want to give it a better clean then use soapy water or a mild cleaning solution. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Even with commercial or home windows, you should still maintain them in the same way. To get the most out of your investment cleaning and care makes a difference.

Always speak to the experts

Expert advice and maintenance will help you maintain that brand-new value, and it’s always good to get an experienced person to discuss your options.

If you’re eager to get your windows tinted, speak to Instant Windscreensv today. We offer auto tinting, home tinting and commercial tinting, and are happy to discuss your available options.

Instant Windscreen’s Services

We aim to be specialists in window repair and maintenance. We have both personal and commercial customers and have branches Australia wide so you’ll always find us nearby. Our available services include:

Glass repair

Most chips and cracks can be easily repaired without having to go through a full replacement. We can quickly repair glass where suited and offer mobile services.

Glass replacement

For extensive damage and smashed windows we can replace your glass so you can get back on the road. We leave your glass with a clean finish.

Window tinting

Instant Windscreens can tint all windows of all shapes, sizes and vehicles. Reach out to discuss your options.

Enquire Instant Windscreens today

Instant Windscreens had over 35 years of experience looking after glass repair, replacement and tinting across Australia. Our mobile services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so whether you’re planning a tint or have an urgent window replacement, we’re here to help. Enquire today for an obligation free quote.

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