How Big of a Crack in a Windshield can be repaired

How Big of a Crack in a Windshield can be repaired

Can your windscreen crack be repaired?

When you crack your windscreen there are two options: repair through an acrylic resin that fills the air pocket, or a complete replacement if the damage is irreparable. Naturally a complete replacement can be costly, which is why many prefer to just get the glass repaired. So how do you know if it’s a repair or replacement?

How big of a crack in a windshield can be repaired?

While size is a decent measurement of the scope of damage, it usually depends on a few other factors. If the crack is in the centre of the glass and not too deep then you can usually repair a crack as big as 3 inches. Any bigger and it will likely require a complete replacement.

Where is the crack located?

If your crack is located on any of the corners of your windscreen you will need to get a replacement. This is because the crack is prone to spread and the acrylic resin cannot heal a corner crack.

The depth of the crack will also indicate whether you need a replacement or repair. If it is a surface chip it is very easy to repair, but a deep crack through the surface of the glass will likely need to be replaced.

How do cracks occur?

Cracks can occur from stress on the windshield but for the most part the occur from blows to the glass, such as from hail, debris from trees and other rough materials. You may also crack your screen from impact to your vehicle in an accident. While unexpected accidents occur, there are preventative measures to decrease your chances of windscreen damage.

How to prevent cracks

  • Keep your distance: If you are driving on rough terrain or parking near trees with low hanging branches you will want to keep your distance from any potential debris. Strong winds can cause branches to fall, and driving through gravel results in rocks being kicked up and potentially hitting your windscreen. Try to avoid areas with heavy debris.
  • Slow down: If you are going over a speed bump, slow down to prevent major stress. But slow down on this rough terrain roads too. The slower you are, the lower the risk of debris hitting your windscreen.
  • Watch out for the weather: If you are conscious about the weather you will be able to protect your vehicle before it’s too late. Storms with the chance of hail can damage your windscreen, so keep it under shelter when possible.
  • Regularly inspect: Small chips can go unnoticed. So if you want to prevent hidden cracks from spreading make sure to check on your windscreen regularly. Get a magnifying glass and investigate any blemishes you might not recognise.

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