Does Window Tint Add Value To A Car

Does Window Tint Add Value To A Car

Window tinting is a great way to add style to your vehicle, add security and prevent harmful UV rays during summer days. A lot of people choose window tinting out of personal preference, but what are the benefits of window tinting? And can it add value? Instant Windscreens answers a few of your burning questions so you can make the right choice for your vehicle.

Benefits of tinted windows

Privacy & security: Lots of people want tinted windows on the vehicle or property for security reasons. Tinted windows reflect light and from the outside only reflect a dark shade. This is also why many commercial properties invest in tinted windows.

UV ray protection: If you are driving in the hot summer sun or even in a building with sunlight directly positioned into your property, it might be a good idea to get tinted windows, as the light reflection means less direct sunlight (which could damage your skin) and less trapped heat indoors.

Tinting available in Australia

Every state has different guidelines and rules regarding tinting for your vehicles, but generally speaking 50% VLT is permitted for driver’s and passenger’s front window and 35% for the back windows.

Does a tinted window add value to your vehicle?

Tinted windows will reduce the heat in your car and protect the interior from fading faster than without tinting. Tinting also gives a level of privacy which many people may prefer when looking for a vehicle. If you’re smart, tinted windows can definitely help increase the value of your vehicle if you are looking to replace or model up.

Choosing the right team for your car

Naturally, the quality and value of your tinting job will depend on the quality of the service you’re getting. When deciding on a window tint, make sure to choose a trusted provider with experience, so you’re not left with any unwanted surprises.

If you’re looking for information around tinting, window repair and replacement, Instant Windscreens can help. We offer mobile services as well as have branches Australia wide.

Our services

Glass repair

Chips and cracks usually don’t require a replacement, and we can easily repair any damage to your glass.

Glass replacement

For larger cracks or for smashed windows we can replace your glass. Our team are efficient and highly experienced, so will get you back on the road quickly.

Window tinting

We provide our customers with the best possible window tinting available in Australia, giving that clean, professional finish.

Talk to Australia’s trusted experts

It’s our mission to provide window services for our customers across Australia, with instant, mobile glass repair and replacement available. With our 35 years in the industry, we’ve handled all vehicles, and offer 24 hour, 7 days a week services. Give us a call now to discuss an obligation free quote.

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