Don’t Let a Damaged Windscreen Get You Down

Dont Let a Damaged Windscreen Get You Down | Instant Windscreens
Don’t Let a Damaged Windscreen Get You Down

A perfectly good day can easily be ruined by returning to your car after a bit of shopping, or a long day in the office, and finding your windscreen – that was perfectly fine when you left your car earlier – damaged. But with the right response, there’s no reason to let a damaged windscreen get you down.

Get Professional Advice

Except in the case of extreme windscreen damage, you should still be able to drive your car, and if you’re not sure you can always contact Instant Windscreens for advice. But just because the damage isn’t severe enough to limit your ability to drive doesn’t mean you should just ignore it. The longer a chip or crack in the windscreen is left unchecked the more time it has to worsen past the point of a repair being possible. Many chips and cracks can be repaired, extending the life of your windscreen. But always have chips and cracks attended to by professionals; you won’t know what to look for in terms of the size, location, and depth of the chip or crack and how these influence whether a repair is possible.

Know What Your Car Insurance Covers

The cost of repairing your car windscreen is considerably lower than the cost of replacing it, so you won’t want to use your car insurance for this. However, if repair is not possible, you won’t have to worry too much about the cost of a new windscreen if your car insurance includes windscreen cover. But you won’t know this unless you’ve paid proper attention to what your car insurance includes. Now would be a good time to read through your policy again and see whether it includes windscreen replacements, even if you’re not needing to replace your windscreen right now. Many car insurance policies allow for one windscreen replacement claim a year without losing your no-claim-bonus, and it is quite unlikely that you’ll need to replace your windscreen every year.

Understand Windscreen Care

Your car windscreen isn’t only vulnerable to damage when you’re driving; it can easily be damaged when parked. Reduce the risk of this happening by always trying to park in covered parking, or at the very least, in the shade. Extreme temperatures don’t only influence how comfortable your car interior is when you get into it – making it more likely for you to turn the air-conditioner or heating to high – but also cause your windscreen to contract or expand, which can result in cracks forming unexpectedly. Additionally, being parked out in the open exposes your car – and the windscreen – to debris being kicked up by passing cars or being blown about by a strong storm. Opting for covered parking whenever it is available reduces the risk of unexpected windscreen damage substantially.

Whether your car windscreen has a single, small crack, or multiple chips that you’ve ignored for months, visit Instant Windscreens for professional advice on whether it can be repaired safely, or need to be replaced to keep you and other road users safe.

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