Common Problems Following a Windscreen Replacement

Common Problems Following a Windscreen Replacement | Instant Windscreens
Common Problems Following a Windscreen Replacement

Because of the role the windscreen plays in keeping you and your passengers safe in your car, it’s important to know that when it needs to be replaced, the quality of glass and workmanship is of a high standard. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and you could well find yourself sitting behind a poorly installed, low-quality windscreen without even knowing it. Which leads one to ask, what problems should you look for after your windscreen has been replaced?

Whistling or Whooshing Noise When Driving

The interior of your car should be fairly quiet when driving; it won’t be completely silent, but you should definitely not hear any high-pitched whistling or whooshing sounds. These are usually the result of air entering the car through a small opening, such as a loose or damaged seal on your windscreen. Check for this by closing all the windows in your car and turning off the radio while driving on an open stretch of road, preferably one where you can drive at a higher speed. As you drive, listen out for the sound of air being forced into the interior of your car, and try to identify where it is coming from. Even if it turns out one of the side windows in your car is responsible for the noise, you should still take your car in to a professional auto glass installer to have it fixed.

Water Leaks Around the Windscreen

Another sign of a poorly sealed new windscreen installation is water leaking into your car when it is raining, or you have the car washed. If you are fortunate, you will easily see the water leaking around the edges of your windscreen or notice water on your dashboard whenever it rains. But you can also test for leaks around the windscreen without waiting for it to rain. Turn your car’s ventilation system on high, close all doors and windows, and then pour soapy water all around the outer seal of the windscreen. If there are any holes or tears in the seal the soapy water will bubble around it. Alternatively, you can sit inside your car while someone runs a hose over the car windscreen, looking for signs of any water filtering through. Make sure the hose isn’t turned on too high, as you want the water to gently run over the windscreen and seal.

A Windscreen That Isn’t Clear

It should go without saying that the glass of your windscreen should always offer a clear view of what lies ahead of you when driving, not counting any dirt that might be on the windscreen. If the glass appears wavy, distorts the view in any way, or seems hazy or milky instead of perfectly clear, this could be a sign of low-quality glass and should never be accepted.

Of course, you can avoid all of these problems by only ever using Instant Windscreens for all your auto glass repair and replacement needs, from side windows, through to windscreens. We only use quality glass, use professionally trained technicians for all repairs and replacements, and offer a lifetime warranty on most of your repair work, so you can be sure of a high-level of satisfaction every time.

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