Avoid These Common Damaged Windscreen Mistakes

Avoid These Common Damaged Windscreen Mistakes | Instant Windscreens
Avoid These Common Damaged Windscreen Mistakes

As with many things in life, a crack or chip in your windscreen is not something you plan for. So, when it does happen you might be tempted to ignore it, or make one of the other mistakes listed below, thinking it’s no big deal. But a structurally sound windscreen is critical at keeping you and your passengers safe on the road and in the event of an accident, so it is better to avoid these common damaged windscreen mistakes completely.

Ignoring It

Many chips and cracks in a windscreen can be repaired quickly and affordably. But this depends on them being taken in for repairs as soon as possible. The longer you drive around with a chip or crack, the more chance it has to keep growing or spreading, and once a chip or crack exceeds a certain size or reaches the layer of laminate between the two pieces of glass that make up a windscreen, repair is no longer an option and you have to have the windscreen replaced. Which is not quite as affordable as a 20-minute repair.

Fixing It With Superglue or Clear Nail Varnish

Maybe you have a friend who swears this works for him, or insists he knows someone who tried it and saved themselves a few dollars. But these are terrible solutions, are seldom a permanent fix, and because they aren’t bonding with the glass, they don’t actually prevent the crack or chip from getting worse. If you’re lucky, the chip or crack might not be as noticeable as before, but you’ve done nothing about the weakened structural integrity or your safety on the road. And if you’re unlucky, you’ve just made things a lot worse and now have to have the windscreen replaced rather than repaired.

Using a Do-it-Yourself Kit

Having a professional repair windscreen damage really is quick and affordable, but with a wide array of do-it-yourself windscreen repair kits now available, you might think this option is even more affordable, with the benefit of being able to do it at home, when it’s most convenient for you. But aside from the quality of these kits all being different, with some better than others, they are often more complicated than they are advertised as. And any videos on the internet that demonstrate how easy they are can be unintentionally misleading: there’s no way of knowing if the person making the video practiced a lot before making the video – and you aren’t seeing all the mistakes they first made – or maybe they previously worked as a professional autoglass repair technician. You’re likely doing it for the first time, and don’t have any way of practicing first. All DIY windscreen repair kits have multiple steps you need to follow – in sequence – and some don’t leave you with much time in which to do them, or even to stop the process and do a bit more research before continuing. Miss a crucial step or take too long before carrying out the next step, and you either end up with a half-repaired crack or chip, or a section of the windscreen you can no longer see through. And again, there might be no way to fix the mistake, leaving you with the more costly option of having to replace the windscreen.

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