5 Common Causes of Windscreen Damage

5 Common Causes of Windscreen Damage | Instant Windscreens
5 Common Causes of Windscreen Damage

Your car’s windscreen is exposed to a lot each and every day that you drive it, so it’s quite normal for it to become damaged over time. Some damage might be minor, and easily repaired by the technicians at your nearest Instant Windscreens, while some might be major, requiring a full replacement of your windscreen. Despite your best efforts, you won’t always be able to prevent your windscreen from being damaged but knowing the most common causes of windscreen damage could help you reduce the risk.

Other Vehicles

Travelling behind other vehicles – from regular passenger vehicles, through to large construction vehicles – is unavoidable but also a significant contributor to windscreen damage. From small rocks and gravel falling off of construction vehicles in front of you, through to road debris being kicked up by other cars, if any of these hits your windscreen it could result in a chip or crack. One way to reduce the risk is to always stick to a safe following distance.

Storm Debris

Just as road debris kicked up by other cars can damage your windscreen, so too can debris flung about by a strong storm. And in a strong storm you aren’t only at risk of debris around you, your car could be hit by objects carried over long distances by the wind. Not ignoring the risk of damage from hail, which in severe hailstorms won’t only see your windscreen damaged, but the rest of your car too. If you live in an area that is prone to severe storms, try to avoid driving during a storm, and stick to covered parking whenever possible. If a storm blows in while you are driving, try to get off the road and under cover if it is safe to do so.

Extreme Temperatures

Very high and very low temperatures cause the glass in your windscreen to expand or contract. This can result in existing chips and cracks expanding and even causing the windscreen to shatter if the integrity is subject to too much strain. The other risk for windscreen damage from extreme temperatures comes from you trying to cool down or heat up the car interior too quickly. If your car interior is too hot or too cold when you get in, don’t immediately turn the car ventilation or air-con to its highest setting, instead starting off low and gradually increasing it.

Gravel & Dirt Roads

Unfinished roads naturally have a large amount of debris on them, including small stones, larger rocks, or gravel. Even if you aren’t driving behind another car, driving too fast on a gravel or dirt road can cause stones to bounce off other stones and rocks and hit your car or windscreen. If you find too many stones hitting your car, and you can’t avoid not driving on an unfinished road, slowing down can reduce the amount of stones that hit your car.

Poor Windscreen Maintenance

Cleaning your windscreen regularly won’t necessarily prevent any damage to your windscreen, but it will make it easier for you to spot even tiny chips and cracks that could get worse if ignored. And as soon as you notice any chips or cracks, don’t ignore them. The sooner you take your car into your nearest Instant Windscreens, the greater the chance that they can be repaired rather than requiring a brand new windscreen. Similarly, get into the habit of checking your windscreen wipers regularly for wear and tear, both the blades and wiper mechanism. Damaged windscreen wipers can cause ugly scratches across your windscreen, affecting your ability to see clearly and weakening the integrity of your windscreens.

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