Types of Commercial Window Films and the Benefits of Each

Types of Commercial Window Films | Instant Windscreens
Types of Commercial Window Films and the Benefits of Each

There are a number of different window films available for businesses and office blocks, with each offering different benefits. So, before calling a professional in to tint the windows of your business, it helps to have a good idea of what you want to achieve by applying window film. Most – but not all – commercial window films block UV rays, and considering how harmful UV rays are, it is an important feature to look for. But don’t discount the other benefits offered by different types of window films, such as the commercial window films offered by Instant Windscreens.

Designer & Decorative Window Films

These window films are, as the name suggests, used primarily for adding a bit of decorative flair and maybe a touch of privacy. Because they can be made using a variety of materials and treatments, they usually don’t block UV rays or solar energy but are still great for interior use in office blocks.

Safety & Security Window Films

Adding security film to windows in your office or shop not only add an extra layer of protection against vandalism and break-ins, they also increase safety by reducing the risk of injury from broken glass. This is useful too in decreasing insurance liability, especially in areas subject to severe weather and strong winds. Safety and security films don’t prevent glass from breaking, but they do hold broken shards of glass together while also making the glass a little more durable against scratches and sudden impacts.

Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Street art and graffiti are not the same thing, and while street art is a welcome addition to drab walls, graffiti is usually an annoyance for business owners, requiring costly cleaning, painting, or window replacements to get rid of. Anti-graffiti films are a great, less costly way to protect your business, and the film can be applied to many different surfaces, not only glass. Whenever a surface with the film applied to it is scratched, tagged, or marked with any form of graffiti, the film can simply be removed and replaced, instantly getting rid of any surface damage.

Solar Window Films

Available as both a reflective and non-reflective film, solar films block most UV rays, but with the added benefit of blocking a certain level of solar heat too. This helps regulate the temperature inside businesses and office blocks, making your business more energy efficient. The results can be similar to that of double-glazed windows, keeping most of the heat out in summer, but retaining internally generated heat in winter. The primary difference between the reflective and non-reflective type of solar film is the amount of solar heat and natural light that is blocked, with reflective window films more suited to areas with milder winters.

Still not sure which window tinting film to choose for your business? Speak to an expert at Instant Windscreens for professional advice, and to schedule a free onsite measure and quote.

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