5 Things to Know About a Chipped Windscreen

5 Things to Know About a Chipped Windscreen - Instant Windscreens
5 Things to Know About a Chipped Windscreen

Chipped windscreens are not only unsightly, they’re also a driving hazard, with chips affecting the integrity of your windscreen, and possibly interfering with your ability to clearly see the road ahead of you. But chipped windscreens can often be safely repaired, quickly and affordably, leaving you with little reason to put off having a professional take a look at the damage on your windscreen.

Chipped Windscreens Don’t Always Need to Be Replaced

Windscreen chips smaller than 40mm, not less than 70mm from the edge of the windscreen, and not in the driver’s critical vision area can usually be repaired. The critical vision area is the section directly in front of the driver, centred on the steering wheel; in wet weather it is the section of the windscreen in front of the driver cleared by the wipers. Additionally, the chip should not have penetrated the laminate that bonds the two pieces of glass used in windscreens together. It’s a lot to consider, which is why it is better to have any windscreen chips assessed by a professional autoglass company.

That Doesn’t Mean You Should Ignore It

Chips in the driver’s critical vision area and any close to the edge of the windscreen are particularly hazardous. They either affect the driver’s view of the road or are in an area where they can weaken the glass. But the longer you take to have any windscreen chips seen to, the higher the risk of having to replace the windscreen instead of just having it repaired. This is because any chip could grow or even cause a crack if ignored for too long, with the movement of the car and changes in temperature all putting pressure on the chip.

Windscreen Repairs Are Quick

Many people put off having chipped windscreen seen to because they worry about having to sacrifice too much time getting it done. But windscreen repairs can be completed in well under an hour, and if you schedule an appointment with us you can be on your way even faster: arrive at the appointed time knowing that someone will get to work on your windscreen right away, allowing you to get back to work or any other tasks you have planned faster.

Windscreen Repairs Are Affordable

Another reason people delay having chipped windscreens repaired is because they worry about the cost, but having a windscreen repaired is a lot more affordable than having a windscreen replaced. And the sooner you take your car in for chip repairs, the better the chances are that it can still be repaired. And if your budget is particularly tight, check your car insurance to see if it doesn’t include windscreen cover. Many insurers will cover the cost of one windscreen repair a year without it affecting your no-claim bonus.

Windscreen Repairs Can Be Done at Your Home or Work

Finally, even though windscreen repairs are quick you might still find yourself unable to schedule some free time to take your car in, but at Instant Windscreens we also offer a 24-hour mobile service, with a technician able to come to you – either at work or at home – and take care of your chipped windscreen repair at a time that suits you, leaving you with very little reason to continue ignoring your chipped windscreen.

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