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How to Maintain Your Tinted Home Windows

Maintain Your Tinted Home Windows

Tinted residential windows don’t only enhance the appearance of your home, they also improve privacy, and can lead to reductions on your utility bills. By blocking a significant amount of UV light and solar heat, your home is naturally cooler in summer, leaving you less dependent on fans and air-conditioners. And if your residential window […]

Our Top 5 Tips for Car Window Tinting

tinting tips

Car window tinting isn’t only about altering the appearance of your car. There are other benefits too to tinting car windows, and regardless of why you have decided to have your car windows tinted, there are a few things you should know and do before getting it done. Which is why we have put together […]

How Tinted Car Windows Protect You and Your Car

Tinted Car Windows

Car window tinting is an often-controversial topic due not only to how it can alter the appearance of a car, but also as a result of how it could impair a driver’s vision and impact on road safety. For this reason, window tinting and the application of window films is strictly regulated in many countries, […]

3 DIY Car Repair Tips

Car maintenance and repair can be very intimidating, especially for those not familiar with the internals of their car. There are a few car repair and maintenance procedures that are very simple, however, and can save you a lot of money if you perform them yourself. Changing your windscreen wiper blades Windscreen wipers are a […]

Tips For Testing A Car Before Purchase

Buying a new car is a very exciting prospect, although when this new car happens to be a pre-owned car, there may be some hesitation involved. We’ve all heard horror stories from friends of friends who bought a lemon after not properly inspecting a car before buying. The excitement becomes too much and, all of […]