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Why You Shouldn’t Skip ADAS Calibration

Why You Shouldn't Skip ADAS Calibration | Instant Windscreens

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are found in most newer cars. Some are basic, such as headlights that turn on automatically, or wipers that activate when the system detects rain. More advanced versions of ADAS include sensors that detect lane changes and vehicles in your blind spot, and other technology that work on collision avoidance, […]

How to Tell It’s Time to Replace Your Car Window Tint

How to Tell It’s Time to Replace Your Car Window Tint | Instant Windscreens

Most people have their car windows tinted for the various benefits it offers. From extra security, through to shielding you and your car’s interior against harmful UV rays, and less dependence on the air conditioner to keep your car cool. But the tint film used does not last forever. High-end tints do offer stronger benefits […]

6 Steps to Follow if Your Car Is Broken Into

6 Steps to Follow if Your Car Is Broken Into - Instant Windscreens

Getting to your car and finding it has been broken into or vandalised is sure to spoil any day. But instead of carrying on as normal and writing the whole thing off as a bad experience, there are some crucial steps you should always follow, regardless of how minor the damage is. Contact the Police […]

Can You Drive With a Busted Back Window

Car Tinting at Osborne Park 1

Busted Back Window? Here’s What you can do Have you busted your back window? Had an accident or got a few cracks in your glass? No matter the extent of the damage it’s important to get a technician to take a look as soon as possible. For the most part there’s not much you can […]

What to do if Your Car Window is Broken

Basic Windscreen Safety Checklist | Instant Windscreens

Broken Car Window? Here’s What to Do No one expects a broken window, but sometimes unexpected weather, rough terrain and falling debris gets in the way resulting in damage. If you’ve found your car window is damaged, here’s what to do. Where is the damage? Damage to side windows might not be as grave an […]

When Does a Windscreen Need Replacing

5 Quick Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring | Instant Windscreens

If you have damaged your windscreen you may need to replace it. While some glass chips can be fixed with acrylic resin, certain damage will only worsen. Plus it is a safety hazard. So when should you replace your windscreen? Severe damage Your windscreen can crack if debris or force hits the surface, from rocks […]

What Windscreen Chips can be Repaired

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Windscreen damage, small to large cracks Your windscreen is a critical part in your safety when driving, which is why it’s so important it is in tact. But sometimes unexpected issues occur, and you find yourself with a cracked or chipped windscreen. When this occurs, there are two options: replace the windscreen completely or repair […]

How Big of a Crack in a Windshield can be repaired

Can your windscreen crack be repaired? When you crack your windscreen there are two options: repair through an acrylic resin that fills the air pocket, or a complete replacement if the damage is irreparable. Naturally a complete replacement can be costly, which is why many prefer to just get the glass repaired. So how do […]

How Long does it Take to get a Windscreen Replaced

Windscreen damage? Here’s what to do. Windscreens are a critical part of your vehicle and safety, and any damage to them is not just an aesthetic issue, but a significant hazard for you and your passengers. When you spot a chip or an accident occurs, you want to get it looked at immediately. Types of […]

Is it OK to drive with a Cracked Windscreen

Cracked Windscreen? Here’s What to Do We don’t always know what’s going to happen, and sometimes unexpected incidents cause unexpected damage. Windscreens are fairly durable and resistant to fairly minor debris, however if the windscreen is structurally week, or it has been met with a harsh blow you might find some damage to your glass. […]