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Things to Remember When Taking Your Pet on Road Trips

Things to Remember When Taking Your Pet on Road Trips Instant Windscreens

Whether your next road trip will be a short one or one that will take you more than a few hours, taking your pet with you on your adventure will require a lot of effort and consideration. Keep your pet happy and safe by following these simple steps. Remember to Bring all Your Pet Essentials […]

Know Your Options When Deciding to Tint a Car Window

Know Your Options When Deciding to Tint a Car Window Instant Windscreens

Deciding to tint the windows of your car involves more than deciding whether you are going to tint a single window, or all the windows. You also have to decide which tint option you want applied, with each of the tint films in our range offering different benefits. Your reason for wanting to tint your […]

What to do if Your Car is Broken Into

What to do if Your Car is Broken Into | Instant Windscreens

While any car owner dreads discovering that their car has been stolen, just having your car broken into is not a welcome experience either. A smash-and-grab – where someone breaks a car window in order to steal items in the car, but not the car itself – is an opportunistic crime that anyone can be […]

Signs That Your Windscreen Needs to be Replaced

Signs That Your Windscreen Needs to be Replaced Instant Windscreens

The windscreen of your car plays an important role in keeping you and other road users safe, and if you can’t see through it clearly it might be time to replace it. Your windscreen is exposed to a multitude of airborne objects each day, and although a flying bug might leave little more than a […]

Car Wash: Hand Wash or Drive-Through?

Car Wash Hand Wash or Drive Through | Instant Windscreens

We live in a fast-paced world, which means we end up looking endlessly for ways to save time – and money. And taking care of our cars is no exception. When it comes to keeping our cars clean, we have a choice between hand washing and semi-automated drive-through car washes, with each having its own […]

5 Great Benefits of Tinted Office Windows

5 Great Benefits of Tinted Office Windows

It’s rare to find a new commercial building go up and not be finished off with tinted glass all around. There is a certain aesthetic appeal to tinted office windows, but developers have also realised there are other benefits to having tinted windows in commercial developments. But these benefits are not limited to people working […]

How to Maintain Your Tinted Home Windows

Maintain Your Tinted Home Windows

Tinted residential windows don’t only enhance the appearance of your home, they also improve privacy, and can lead to reductions on your utility bills. By blocking a significant amount of UV light and solar heat, your home is naturally cooler in summer, leaving you less dependent on fans and air-conditioners. And if your residential window […]

Our Top 5 Tips for Car Window Tinting

tinting tips

Car window tinting isn’t only about altering the appearance of your car. There are other benefits too to tinting car windows, and regardless of why you have decided to have your car windows tinted, there are a few things you should know and do before getting it done. Which is why we have put together […]

How Tinted Car Windows Protect You and Your Car

Tinted Car Windows

Car window tinting is an often-controversial topic due not only to how it can alter the appearance of a car, but also as a result of how it could impair a driver’s vision and impact on road safety. For this reason, window tinting and the application of window films is strictly regulated in many countries, […]