The Connection Between Autoglass and Road Noise

The Connection Between Autoglass and Road Noise

Some road noise when driving is unavoidable; the car design, the type of tyres you have fitted, and even the road surface all have some influence on the noise you hear while driving. Under most circumstances it is a little like white noise and we don’t really notice it until it suddenly sounds different, and if there is no obvious reason for it sounding different – such as you having recently replaced your tyres, or are driving on a different road surface – the source of the road noise could be a damaged or faulty car window. It is a connection most people don’t make, even though it is a common cause of an increase in road noise. Here are three ways in which autoglass can influence road noise.

Glass or Seal Damage

It’s rare for a new chip or crack in your windscreen to penetrate both layers of glass and the laminate that joins them without resulting in enough damage to prevent you from driving. However, small chips and cracks don’t stay small forever and the longer you ignore them, the more time there is for them to grow and possibly break through the laminate or both layers of glass. When this happens, air is able pass through, resulting in an increase in the volume of road noise you hear, or even a whistling sound when driving. Additionally, the seals around your windscreen and side windows can also become damaged, through exposure to water and temperature changes, someone vandalising or breaking into your car, or even road debris that doesn’t damage the glass, but does tear the seal. The damage might be small enough that you don’t notice it, until air starts passing through it, causing an increase in the level of road noise you’re normally exposed to.

A Poorly Installed Windscreen

If you’ve noticed an increase in the level of road noise after having a new windscreen installed, the cause could be poor workmanship resulting in a windscreen that is loose, or a seal that isn’t air and watertight. Any windscreen that is installed incorrectly increases the chance of excess road noise, but also puts you and other road users at risk, so it is important that if you suspect your new windscreen hasn’t been installed properly you have it looked at and fixed urgently.

A Side Window That Doesn’t Close

The side windows of your car that can open and close operate on a track and can sometimes come off this track, preventing them from closing properly. When this happens, even the smallest gap can result in louder than normal road noise, or whistling sounds while you drive. While it shouldn’t happen, regularly driving on an uneven road surface can cause the side windows to come off their tracks, but the most frequent cause for this happening is having a side window replaced. The new window is either not securely mounted to the track by the installer, or if the window was broken before being replaced, a stray piece of glass could eventually interfere with the windows closing mechanism.

It is always better to have a sudden increase in road noise investigated to ensure the cause is nothing serious. If you suspect it is related to your autoglass, the professional installers at Instant Windscreens can carefully inspect all your car windows and seals looking for potential causes and recommending a solution for any faults they find.

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