Factors That Influence Car Window Tinting Prices

Factors That Influence Car Window Tinting Prices
Factors That Influence Car Window Tinting Prices

Tinting your car windows brings with it many benefits, to you and your passengers, and once you know what these benefits are – and have now been convinced to tint your car windows – the next thing you would want to know is how much it is going to cost you. But the price for car window tinting is influenced by a number of factors that make it difficult to list car window tinting prices on our website. But by you requesting a quote we are properly able to assess these factors, and not only give you an accurate costing, but also estimate how much time we would need to complete the tinting.

The Make and Model of Your Car

The make and model of your car is a very important factor influencing the price of a window tint. While many vehicles have windows that are of a similar size and shape, there are also cars that have windows that are much larger than average or are slightly more complex in shape. This includes rear windows that are much steeper or have a more pronounced curve. Large, complex windows naturally require a little more time and effort to tint.

The Number of Windows you Want Tinted

As with large and complex window shapes, the number of windows you want tinted influences how long it takes to install the tint, and the amount of tint film used, which obviously affects the cost of the work. Only tinting the driver and front passenger windows is going to cost you less, and be completed faster, than tinting all the windows, or even just the rear window.

The Type of Tint you Want

We offer four different types of tinting film for car windows, and while there are some benefits that are shared by all of them, they each also offer benefits unique to the selection. These include much darker tints – the darkest legal tint allowed in Australia – tints that enhance the security of your car by making smash-and-grab thefts more difficult, and films that block UV rays without darkening the car interior or the windows. If you’re not sure which film to select, speak to our team of professionals who will be able to advise you of the unique benefits of each, while also establishing exactly what you want from the car window tint.

You are Replacing an old Tint

Another factor influencing price is if your car windows are already tinted and you are wanting the old tint replaced. Replacing existing tint with a new, darker tint, or one that offers superior benefits, means that the old tint first needs to be removed. While not impossible, it does add complexity to the job, a complication not present with untinted windows. And the age of the existing tint, along with the type, are additional difficulties that need to be considered.

When you contact us for a quote on auto window tinting, we will ask you a series of questions that help us determine which of the above factors need to be considered before providing you with a cost and time breakdown. Because we understand that you wouldn’t want to proceed with tinting your car windows without knowing exactly how much it is going to cost, and how long it is going to take.

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