Can You Drive With a Busted Back Window

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Can You Drive With a Busted Back Window

Busted Back Window? Here’s What you can do

Have you busted your back window? Had an accident or got a few cracks in your glass? No matter the extent of the damage it’s important to get a technician to take a look as soon as possible. For the most part there’s not much you can do about a busted back window other than to get it replaced by an expert.

What is the extent of the damage?

If we aren’t talking about the window being completely destroyed, you want to take a look at the exact extent of the damage

Chips and cracks

Back windows can not be repaired, evensmall chips and cracks will require a replacement window to be fitted. This is due to the specialised glass used.

Can I drive my car with a busted back window?

It isn’t advised to drive with a broken rear window, but provided you have both side mirrors in tact you should still be able to safely drive home. From there it’s best to reach out to a technician depending on the extent of the damage. Because you can technically still drive with it, you may be able to drop it off at a branch immediately, or get a mobile service to visit you.

The risks of driving with a cracked window

While you can still drive, you should take note that you do risk the crack worsening. Every time you expose the glass you risk dirt getting into the crack – which cannot be removed, or water which can worse the blemish. This may lead to more issues than just replacing the glass. Slight bumps or even driving quickly over a speed hump can also cause the crack to grow, causing a dangerous situation. The sensible  option is always to get it looked at ASAP.

Instant Windscreens can replace your busted window

Instant Windscreens are Australia’s glass and windscreen experts, with years of experience servicing across the country. We’ve branches nationwide and offer mobile services, so no matter where you are we’re here to help. If your window has been damaged, chipped or completely smashed, one of our technicians can inspect the damage and offer a quick, affordable solution. Reach out for a quote today!

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