5 Great Benefits of Tinted Office Windows

5 Great Benefits of Tinted Office Windows
5 Great Benefits of Tinted Office Windows

It’s rare to find a new commercial building go up and not be finished off with tinted glass all around. There is a certain aesthetic appeal to tinted office windows, but developers have also realised there are other benefits to having tinted windows in commercial developments. But these benefits are not limited to people working in newer office buildings, shops, or factories; as with car windows, it is possible to have almost any window tinted later using specially developed tinting films. Some of the following benefits are included with any type of commercial tinting, while others depend on the type of film used, so it also helps to know what you expect to gain from tinting your office, shop, or factory windows.

A More Comfortable Workspace

Depending on how much sun your workspace is exposed to, it can rapidly become a rather uncomfortable space for both your employees and your customers. Even with air-conditioning, too much sunlight is going to influence the ambient temperature, while at certain times of the day the glare is going to be an unpleasant experience for some.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Air-conditioners are great at regulating the temperature of any space they are installed in, but if the space is exposed to too much sunlight and solar heat, the air-conditioner will need to be set to an even lower temperature to keep the space cool. Tinted windows can block up to 79 percent of solar heat, keeping your workspace cooler. This reduces your reliance on your air-conditioner and can result in a much lower power bill.

Added Security

There are two ways in which tinted windows can increase the security of your office, shop, or factory. The first is by limiting what people can see from the outside, so there is less chance of opportunistic theft driven by criminals being able to see valuables through the windows. But there are also films available that make windows shatterproof, making them a little harder to smash, but also keeping your employees and customers safe from sharp shards of glass should any windows be broken as a result of bad weather or other event.

Better Appearance

As noted earlier, tinted office windows do enhance the overall appearance of a building, and for property managers it offers a lower cost option to improving how a building looks than large-scale building renovations. However, there is also a benefit for any businesses based in a building with tinted windows. By reducing the amount of UV light that enters through the windows, the furniture and carpeting will look newer for longer, and not be subject to rapid fading that normally follows from too much sunlight.

A Little More Privacy

Using lots of glass in a workplace can make the space seem larger, lighter, and more open, but it can also reduce privacy. But tinted glass doesn’t block all light, while also only blocking the ability to see through it from one side. So, it is possible to make any space or office more private by preventing people from seeing into it, without preventing anyone inside from seeing out. This makes it possible to have privacy without feeling isolated or being reduced to working in a gloomy space.

If you’re thinking of tinting the windows in your office, shop, or factory, we can help with valuable advice, and a range of products that include decorative, safety, solar, and anti-graffiti tints.

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