3 Great Benefits of Mobile Windscreen Replacement

3 Great Benefits of Mobile Windscreen Replacement | Instant Windscreens
3 Great Benefits of Mobile Windscreen Replacement

It’s easy to ignore small problems on your car windscreen, such as a small chip or crack. You convince yourself that because it is small it doesn’t need immediate attention; it’s not blocking your view, and you’ll notice if it gets any bigger. Besides, you don’t have the time right now to have it seen to, and it is probably more cost-effective to have two chips or cracks repaired rather than just the one.

But any chip or crack, no matter how small, affects the structural integrity of your windscreen, especially if it is close to the edge of the glass, or has penetrated the layer of laminate that bonds the two pieces of glass together – something you wouldn’t even know has happened unless you know what to look for. And we understand that making time to have seemingly insignificant damage taken care of is not always easy, which is why Instant Windscreen also offers mobile windscreen repairs and replacement, with three great benefits you can’t argue against:

Mobile Windscreen Replacement Is Convenient

With mobile car window repair and windscreen replacement there’s little need to try and figure out when you have time available for the repairs or replacement to take place. Our mobile technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they come to you. So, you can schedule the repairs or replacement to happen while you’re at work, and your car is parked in the company parking lot, or just after work, when you’ve arrived home and don’t need to go out again. You can stand with the technician while they work, but it isn’t necessary; they will carry out the necessary repair work and call you as soon as they’re done.

Mobile Windscreen Replacement Is Affordable

Just because the service is mobile, as we come to you wherever you are doesn’t mean we inflate the cost of the service with unnecessary charges. We’ll ask you for all the relevant information we need when you call to schedule a mobile repair or replacement, and give you a detailed quote immediately so you know what it is going to cost, and what you are being charged for. Whether you are paying out-of-pocket or putting it through your car insurance. Small cracks that aren’t repaired when they first appear can spread, and a crack that could have been repaired becomes one that can’t be, resulting in you having to replace the windscreen. And replacing a windscreen is always more costly than a windscreen repair.

Mobile Windscreen Replacement Reduces Risk

As mentioned earlier, any damage to your windscreen, no matter how small, increases the risk of your windscreen shattering with little-to-no notice. What appears to be a small chip could still be deep enough to have penetrated the laminate layer between the two sheets of glass that make up any windscreen. This immediately weakens the integrity of the windscreen, and a small bump or knock could cause the windscreen to shatter. And any crack or chip that is located within the Critical Vision Area (CVA) needs to be attended to immediately, since it is affecting your unobstructed view of the road.

If you have chips or cracks in your windscreen that you have been trying to ignore, give Instant Windscreens a call today to get a quote and schedule a time-saving mobile windscreen repair or replacement service. All you need to give us is a little bit of detail of the problem, where and when it is convenient for us to visit you, and your car make, model, and year, so we can ensure we have the correct glass with us if the windscreen cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced.

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