The Benefits of Home Window Tinting

The Benefits of Home Window Tinting | Instant Windscreens
The Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Windows are an important part of any home. Depending on the size and quantity of windows you have, they have a strong influence on the look of your home from both the inside and the outside. And they don’t only allow you to easily see what is happening outside from almost any space in your home, they also allow natural light to enter every room, keeping your home from looking too cheerless and dark. Tinting your home windows doesn’t change this and – in fact – brings with it many benefits you might not know about.

Better Privacy and Security

You can close your curtains or blinds for privacy and security purposes, but doing so also removes your ability to be able to see what is happening outside, while also blocking most natural light. Home window tinting still allows most natural light through, still allows you to see outside with ease, but prevents anyone outside your home from being able to see in.

Better Energy Efficiency

Window tints can block up to 80 percent of solar heat, meaning that while most natural sunlight is still able to pass through and help light up your home, most of the associated heat is blocked. So your house remains cooler for longer, and with less need for air-conditioners to lower the temperature. The tinting also acts as a barrier against temperature loss so, depending on the season, you don’t have to worry about too much cool air or heat from escaping through the windows, and you are able to use less electricity warming or cooling your home.

Less Fading

One of the benefits of tinting car windows is that the car’s interior looks good for longer, with less fading of any upholstery, and less cracking or drying out of any vinyl and other materials. These benefits extend to home window tinting, and any rooms in your home that are normally exposed to a lot of sunlight each day will look better for longer. UV rays are not only damaging to our skin, but also to objects throughout our homes: furniture, flooring, electronics. Window tints block up to 98 percent of UV rays, so your furniture and flooring won’t fade as quickly. This is especially useful for any leather furniture, since too much sunshine also dries leather out too quickly, making it crack and split.

Less Glare

You expect to squint a little when outside in direct sunlight, but if you’re squinting inside your home it doesn’t only mean you have too much light entering your home but also reflecting off other surfaces. The right window tint in certain rooms can cut this out dramatically without keeping too much natural light out, and this is particularly beneficial when you decide to settle down to watch some television, or need to work on a computer.

Speak to Instant Windscreens to learn more about the benefits of home window tinting, and to dispel any misconceptions you might have about home window tinting making your home too dark.

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