Your Options for Automotive Window Tinting

Your Options for Automotive Window Tinting | Instant Windscreens
Your Options for Automotive Window Tinting

Many people will choose to install window tinting on their cars so that they will be able to comfortably drive without having to worry about glare or being affected by harmful rays from the sun. There are various options for car window tinting available and it’s always a good idea to learn about the different types so that you can pick the correct window tint for your car. At Instant Windscreens, we will guide you in selecting the correct automotive tinting option to maximise your levels of comfort and safety. Keep reading to discover more information about the different variations of window tinting available.

Premium Tint

The Premium auto tint range offers you the ability to maximise your levels of privacy in a sleek and classy way. If you’re after the darkest legal window tint you can have in Australia, you should look at Premium 35. With Premium EMS (Electromagnetic Safe) window film, you can block out any radio interference and still be able to maintain a clear signal reception on your radio, mobile phone, or satellite navigation systems. Both Premium options can reduce levels of glare by up to 60 percent and can reduce more than 99 percent of harmful UV Rays.

Matrix Tint

The Matrix range offers car owners the ability to protect their automotive vehicles with protective film that uses the most advanced technology and materials. The Matrix tint is unique in its ability to provide optimal performance for drivers who are in search of the best solution. With the Matrix range, the film used is the world’s toughest scratch resistant surface and will strengthen the glass of your vehicle. Matrix film can reduce glare by up to 64 percent and can also reduce harmful UV rays by 99 percent.

Pure Steel Tint

If your priority in installing a window tint is around safeguarding your windows from vandals and theft, the Pure Steel range is what you need to consider. The Pure Steel range will reduce levels of glare by up to 60 percent, while also strengthening your windows.

Clear UV Tint

Clear UV gives you the option of protecting your car without having to worry about making your windows darker. With a Clear UV installation, you can shield against harmful UV rays and still be able to have maximum visibility during the day and night.

Ready to find out which automotive window tint option is the right one for you? Requesting a quote with us is easy! You can request a quote by calling 132 144 or through our online enquiry form. We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you in finding the right solution to optimise on style, comfort and protection. Start a conversation today!

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