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The last thing you want after a busy week is to realise you have sustained glass damage to your vehicle, either by vandalism or an accident on the road. When you need a quick solution, call the experts here at Instant Windscreens & Tinting. Established in 1983, we have extensive experience in the industry and know what it takes to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Making sure your replacement is quick and easy

The windscreen of your car is not just there to keep debris out of your vehicle, it is essential in order to offer the best protection to you in the event of an accident. Once damage has occurred, the effectiveness of the glass to protect you is compromised. More than this, it leaves your vehicle open to further damage and vandalism the longer you leave it. That is why it is important to have the glass replaced as soon as you’re able.

Most times, an accident will come when it’s the most inconvenient: at a location you have never been before, just before you get into work or late at night. Besides the stress of having to get back and having to spend cash for the car window replacement, you need to find a team that can help you when you need it. With an emergency service available and branches across the country, we can offer assistance when you need it most whether it’s a replacement in Newcastle, Launceston, Parramatta or beyond.

Using the things we have mastered over our experience spanning more than 30 years, we offer prompt replacements that are reliable, cost-efficient and sure to last for the long haul.

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To learn more about our replacement services, or to find out more about whether only a repair is required, please get in touch with our helpful staff today. We are available for emergencies, and with branches located across the nation we can get to you sooner. Contact us directly on 132 444 or complete our online form and we will get back to you.

National Warranty

Instant Windscreens offers a non-transferable lifetime guarantee on glass repairs and replacements.  Full details of the coverage of this warranty and associated limitations are available here.

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