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Whether you’re on the road all day, every day or only drive to the shops and home every now and then, your vehicle will be subject to a number of different external factors that can have negative effects. This includes everything from parking outside so it’s prone to the elements to gravel and stones chipping your car’s glass plus a whole lot more.

If and when you notice that your windscreen has developed cracks or chips, no matter how small, the sooner you have it checked out by a professional the better. This can prevent it from growing in size and eventually necessitating a total replacement instead of just a repair. At Instant Windscreens & Tinting, we are proud to provide Tasmania with an outstanding windscreen repairs service, and we’ll gladly come to you in order to undertake the work needed.

A collection of services offered for your car’s glass

On top of the quality repair work we offer, we have the skills and experience to also replace if required as well as tint in varying shades. Our abilities span across many different types of vehicles – further to cars, we cater for vans and buses as well as farming and mining machines, just to name a few.

And why should you choose our services over other providers out there? To put it simply, the experience we possess in this industry is unmatched across the board. For more than 30 years now we’ve dealt with glass and windscreen jobs of all kinds in Tasmania and across the country. Over the years our dedication to hard work has helped to build up the strong reputation we possess today, and we continue to deliver top results for every job.

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National Warranty

Instant Windscreens offers a non-transferable lifetime guarantee on glass repairs and replacements.  Full details of the coverage of this warranty and associated limitations are available here.

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