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The glass used in windscreens is tough but still not safe from damage. Every bit of debris that hits your windscreen has the potential to cause damage and weaken the integrity of the glass. That small, unassuming chip or crack can trap moisture, which will expand and contract as the temperature changes, causing the crack or chip to slowly grow. And once it reaches a certain size or depth, what could have been repaired will now require a replacement instead.

Instant Windscreens’ expert windscreen technicians know all the factors that decide what windscreen damage can be safely repaired. These include:

  • the actual size of the chip or crack,
  • how deep into the first layer of glass it penetrates,
  • the number of chips and cracks previously repaired,
  • and where each crack or chip is found on the windscreen.

And this explains why it is critical to have any damage to your windscreen accessed as soon as possible.

The benefits of windscreen repair

The biggest benefit of windscreen repair over replacement is cost and time. Repairing chips and cracks in a windscreen is fast, and costs significantly less than a new windscreen. And thanks to Instant Windscreens Port Macquarie’s mobile service, it can be done at your home or workplace any time of the day or night. Our high-quality repair process results in a windscreen that is as structurally sound as when it was first installed, without your ability to see the road affected at all. Depending on the type of damage, it is also possible to repair most windscreens, from truck windscreens to windscreens on buses, cars, vans, and utes.

The windscreen repair process

  • Our industry-standard repair process starts with our technicians first cleaning the chip or crack, removing dirt and glass fragments.
  • A special device is then used to create a vacuum seal over the damaged area, allowing a high-quality liquid resin to be injected into the cracks and gaps under pressure. This ensures the resin is able to properly fill all space.
  • A UV light is applied next to help the resin fully cure.
  • Finally, our technicians will carefully remove any excess resin, clean, and then polish the repaired area. Leaving the repair almost invisible.

Quality & Convenience

We’re so confident of the quality of our windscreen repairs that they come with a lifetime guarantee that the repaired damage will not crack or extend. Don’t have time to visit our Port Macquarie branch for repairs? Then ask for our fully mobile windscreen repair service, with our technicians coming to you to carry out the same quality repairs you’d get with a drive-in repair.

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Our Port Macquarie branch is available for drive-in windscreen repairs–while you wait–with 24/7 emergency repairs also available thanks to our mobile windscreen repair service. Call our national call centre on 132 444 and they’ll happily schedule assistance from our Port Macquarie team for your chipped or cracked windscreen.

National Warranty

Instant Windscreens offers a non-transferable lifetime guarantee on glass repairs and replacements.  Full details of the coverage of this warranty and associated limitations are available here.

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