Are Dark Tinted Windows Illegal?

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Are Dark Tinted Windows Illegal?

Tinted windows bring a range of benefits, from keeping your car cool and blocking out UV rays, to preserving your interior and giving you that added measure of privacy. So naturally, one wonders how dark is too dark? Are dark tinted windows illegal? Well, tinting is not just about your windscreen and your rear window; the laws vary depending on which windows you want to tint and which state or territory you are in. So before you jump in and lay out the cash to tint your windows, it’s best to make sure you’re clear on the laws in your state or territory.

Types of Tints

Window tinting is one of the most popular aftermarket car modifications. Getting the wrong tint could be a costly mistake. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble and have to remove it, so it’s best to know what types of tints are available and what is legal.

Dyed or tinted window film – this simple tinting consists of a protective top coating, a layer of dye and an adhesive layer to block between 5% and 50% of the sun’s rays from entering your car.

Metalized window film – this film blocks out UV rays using a metal layer to reflect light and heat to prevent it from entering your car.

Ceramic film –blocks out between 65% and 70% of glare and UV rays, this film is composed of a ceramic layer and an adhesive layer which are bonded together.

Hybrid Tinting Film – hybrid film incorporates both dyed and metalized films to block glare and light between 50% and 95%.

Window Tint Levels

The darkness of a window tint is measured by the percentage of light that passes through the glass. This measure is referred to as visible light transmission or VLT. A VLT of 90% will let in a lot of light, while a VLT of 10% will be dark and not let much light in. But even a tint with a high visible light transmission will significantly impact the amount of UV rays and glare entering your windows.

Car Window Tinting Laws

Car window tinting laws are not uniform throughout Australia; the laws are slightly different in the Northern Territory. Still, you can have a relatively dark tint on your windows legally throughout Australia.

State/TerritoryWindscreenSide (Front)Side (Back)Rear
Australian Capital TerritoryTop 10% only, above wipers35%20%20%
New South WalesTop 10% only, above wipers35%20%20%
Northern TerritoryTop 10% only, above wipers35%15%15%
QueenslandTop 10% only, above wipers35%20%20%
South AustraliaTop 10% only, above wipers35%20%20%
TasmaniaTop 10% only, above wipers35%20%20%
VictoriaTop 10% only, above wipers35%20%20%
Western AustraliaTop 10% only, above wipers35%20%20%

While you can’t tint your windows as dark as 10% VLT, you can still legally get relatively dark tinted windows in Australia. If you’re thinking about getting your car windows tinted, it’s best to visit a professional window tinting workshop for the best results. For advice on window tints or to book your car in to get tinted, get in touch with Instant Windscreens today.

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