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Instant Windscreens & Tinting’s leading range of quality automotive tinting products represent the very best in style, comfort and year round protection from the suns harsh solar rays.

As car tint professional’s we guarantee our window tinting products will ensure you enjoy your driving experience everyday, even under the hottest conditions.

Installing tinting on your vehicle will provide enhanced UV light protection, improve your comfort by keeping you cooler, increase privacy and improve glare reduction.

Our expert car window tinting services can even add to the re-sale value of your vehicle by shielding your cars upholstery and furnishings from the suns harsh UV rays.

Our specialist range of tinted security window films will help protect your car against potential vandals and theft.

Our premium range of EMS window tinting reduces radio interference by using the latest electromagnetic materials available. 

Ask us about Australia’s darkest legal tints, our Premium 35 window film will keep you cool on the hottest of days.

If you want the darkest legally tinted windows on the Australian market choose PREMIUM 35. With its sleek finish and classy styling this tint will provide superior vehicle privacy with maximum comfort and solar heat protection. With our lifetime warranty you can be sure you’ve made the right choice for your vehicle’s protection.

Our PURE STEEL window film incorporates marketing leading technologies to ensure the safety of your car, its contents and most importantly your passengers. In cases where serious glass breakage may occur, PURE STEEL window film holds your cars windows securely together acting as a first line of defense against potential vandals, accidents or theft.

For the most amazing performance from a window film on the Australian tinting market choose MATRIX. Constructed using only the finest materials and latest technologies, our MATRIX advanced automotive window films are for those seeking only the very best window tint on the market.

For those who are serious about tinting then the only real choice is our premium EMS window film. Our EMS integrated (Electromagnetic Safe) window film blocks radio interference and allows you to maintain a clear signal.

The PREMIUM EMS tinting product works by eliminating the interference caused by radio waves, telephone and satellite navigation systems. This product is designed to meet the needs of those who drive a car with a built in antenna.

Find out more about the advantages of car window tinting on our benefits of tinting page.

Learn about Australian auto tinting laws in your area by visiting the window film association of Australia and New Zealand.


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